How to Identify FBI Hacker Sony Pictures

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has finally opened up about how they could know that hacking computer networks Sony Pictures came from North Korea.

James B. Comey is, the director of the FBI who unveil it at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York, USA.


According to Comey, the thing that makes the FBI believe that North Korea is behind all of this is due to the Guardian of Peace (GOP) – the hacker – was negligent in hide their locations while performing hacking.

Instead of transferring these attacks through a fake server, the GOP even send it directly via an IP address from the North.

“We know who hacked Sony. That North Korea. I’m very confident of their involvement in this attack,” Comey said, as reported by BuzzFeed, Thursday (08/01/2015).

But according to other sources, the GOP quickly realized his mistake. In the next attack them directly powering the software to cover its original location.

To complicate identification, GOP divert attacks through a series of IP addresses in various countries, such as Bolivia, Singapore, Poland, and Italy.

This is the answer to the FBI on doubts expressed by many cyber security expert on FBI charges against North Korea.