Imitate Snapchat, Facebook Status Can Lost

Facebook is experimenting with a new feature on its mobile services. This feature allows users to adjust the appearance of the post for the specified time. Facebook is tested on a small scale on Facebook for iOS that allows users to delete posts according desired time.

Screenshot This feature was reported by a number of websites and blogs technology. the images did appear to be any function that offers the option expired time, ranging from one hour to seven days.

screenshot facebook expired

Not yet known whether this feature will be released officially or Facebook just to test it. The function of the message can be lost by itself reminiscent of Snapchat.

It may be that, Facebook will formalize and expand the availability of this feature to the Facebook mobile on all platforms. A number of messenger service in there that immerse this function.

BlackBerry Messenger for example, some time ago released an update that adds privacy features. This feature is called Timed Message allows messages disappear after they are sent to the destination.