Importance of Asset Management in the Company

Track all kinds of machines and assets you have will be very troublesome. An enterprise tasks that are essential to facilitate the management of hardware and software, obedience licensing, regulation and security. Therefore a EAM solutions (Enterprise Asset Management) success can save not only money and time but also the difficulty in management.

Why Asset need to be managed?

he development asset management solution is still very low compared with the development of solutions for the purchase process (purchasing / procurement) or sale (Order Management). But actually Asset Management is one of the most important solutions to be applied in a company.

Avoid unnecessary purchases

By implementing asset management properly then all asset can be well controlled, so as to avoid unnecessary purchases. In companies with poor asset management will be difficulty in determining priorities for procurement.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a systematic method for determining whether an activity / assets at risk is acceptable or not. This is very important because it helps create awareness about the dangers and risks derived from its assets in order to reduce the possibility of danger by adding control measures and precautions necessary.


By utilizing asset management solution then any assets owned are recorded properly, since the first acquisition to disposal of these assets, so that the risk of loss of assets can be avoided as much as possible.


Depreciation (Depreciation) is one of the consequences of the use of fixed assets, which assets will have to-wear early or decreased function. Asset utilization management solution with the depreciation of assets can be tracked easily.

Choosing the right Asset Management Solution :

Not many software vendors who play for asset management solution, but there are some things to consider in choosing the right asset management solution and appropriate for your business.

In accordance with the existing system

When selecting an asset management, there are various considerations one of which is whether the software features and functionality offered can cover the needs of the company? For example, the depreciation method, when selecting a software solution it should also be noted that depreciation methods offered and required by the company. If your company using declining balance depreciation method, then you do not buy the software which can only cover the straight line method.

Can be integrated with other programs

Asset Management is closely related to inventory and purchasing, it would be very good if there are programs that can be integrated with other modules. So the purchase and storage can be controlled better