monitoring site

Importance of Monitoring Your Business Website Activity Status

For those who are familiar with the website as a marketing tool business and product certainly know that the website can be working day and night 24 hours a day. Serving tens, hundreds of thousands of visitors from various locations.

But if the website is actually working nonstop? sure? or lest the website more often sleep or “killed” doesn’t work all the time, because it turns out more often down the server computer (disconnect / error). Can be up to 5 times a day down at rush hour, a time when many potential visitors are surfing and visiting the website.

To answer these questions and prove the course can be done with diligent open its own website, but unfortunately this is not a fun job for many people, it is not practical, and can interfere with work productivity, especially for those who are busy with other activities.

Another way to supervise, monitor website activity status, server or connection to the website down, then you can use the services of a host tracker monitoring and you will be the first to know if the site you’re experiencing down from alert sent through a variety of services, such as SMS, email, Gtalk, Voice calls, and Skype.

monitoring site

With a host tracker monitoring, website server connection conditions will be monitored on a regular basis, you can check website availability . And if there is a disorder that results in the website can not be accessed, then the owner, manager or administrator of the website will get notified by a message. Host Tracker is a website monitoring service that has been listed among the best website monitoring services. They are available all the time, site or server is checked from locations around the world with a certain time interval. In addition you can also get the full features of your site uptime monitoring, They also collect Uptime statistics, and will send a report Uptime, so you can expose data to customers and partners your business in detail and precise .

Here Features Host Tracker:

– Instantly down alerts (SMS, Email, Gtalk, Voice call, Skype);
– HTTP / HTTPS, PING, SMTP, SNMP, TCP port tests;
– Database monitoring;
– Response time monitoring;
– Checks keywords on the page;
– Distributed Monitoring (34 locations);
– Detailed stats and reports;
– Instant check the website;
– Monitoring period – every 1-60 minutes.