In 2 Minutes, This battery is fully charged

How long do you take to fully charge the battery smartphone? 30 minutes or 1 hour? Do not be surprised, if in the future download battery charger only takes a few minutes.


Not impossible since nanotech startup named StoreDot develop ultra fast battery that is capable of fully recharged in just two minutes.

According to CEO Doron StoreDot Myersdorf, the company makes a completely different approach when making the battery.

The point is this, rather than trying to increase the capacity of the battery itself, they redesigned the internal structure of the battery so it can fill up quickly.

“We still need a lot of research, but by no means difficult to be realized, We think the opposite of most battery companies, which are all thinking about providing a bit of energy and raising capacity,” he said.

If indeed materialize and can be released to the market, he doubted the price will be low. Therefore, predicted to be only USD 50 for a removable battery.