Instagram New Features Can Calculate Attendance Video

Similar to Facebook and YouTube, you can now see how many times a video uploaded on Instagram watched by others. Photo and video sharing service that already has 400 million users it has just released a new feature in which to bring the number of video views that can later be viewed under the video upload.

Users can be pulled-tap the number of video views to see the number of people who love each video. Through an official blog Instagram uploads, mentioned this feature will be introduced in to the users in a few weeks.

In the blog uploads, Instagram will also identify counting the number of views as the best way to measure the tendency of users.

“We often hear from the community, they want to better understand how users are connected through video,” Instagram wrote in the blog.

Meanwhile, reported by The Verge, it is mentioned that the number of people watching video on Instagram increased to 40 percent today. Even so, a feature that can calculate the number of views it will not be so useful to the individual user.

For the developers of popular applications, this feature can be used to see how their content is favored over Vine and YouTube.

The feature is also useful for advertisers interested in serving ads. Calculations can be done if someone watched the video at least 3 seconds, similar to Facebook.

At present, the company led by Kevin Systrom are testing the feature on some of its users. Furthermore, Instagram will begin to introduce these features for all users.