kawaii cameras

‘Kawaii’ Special Cameras from Casio selfie

Any camera, especially in almost all smartphones, can be used to selfie. However Casio feel there should be a special camera that is dedicated to doing it.

More recently, Casio released the camera with a unique shape. Casio Exilim MR1 or call Kawaii selfie, has a tag of more expensive, USD 330. Maybe Casio should think again about the price if you want to lure more consumers.

Kawaii selfie use 14 megapixel camera sensor. There is a fairly large glass in the center of the camera. It will help users filled out before selfie, straighten hair or looking for the best facial angle.

kawaii cameras

If you wish to use the camera for other purposes, is ready to be disappointed. By default the aperture set at f / 5.0, it is difficult to capture the action show or photo with good low light.

On the other hand, because it is specially designed selfie, this camera is bundled with software that allows users to edit and enhance the images they selfie like skin smoothing effect or brighten the face.

Unfortunately, this also can not be called as the advantages wow. Because as we know, now many smartphone apps for editing photos look more cling selfie.

Kawaii selfie equipped with a built-in WiFi, video recording and playback capabilities, as well as support microSDXC card. The battery capacity is very small which is 700mAh. The capacity of this battery, enough to take 230 photos or play Full HD video is about 35 minutes.