Firearm coating

Know the Coating Process

Coating process is one of the processes that are needed in the industrial world. Coating can be considered as a process of coating applied to an object or substrate such as for Firearm coating. The purpose of the coating itself is to improve the surface properties of the coated objects. Surface properties are expected to be added in a few things like appearance, resistance to water or corrosion, resistance from scratches or even to wear.

With these objectives, the coating process was considered to increase the durability of equipment or machinery in the industrial world, or even to help process industry to be able to work better. Many types of coating processes in the industrial world, one of which is for the existing coating process for this type of tablet coating machines.

The principle of the coating is to find the point of balance between speed parameter pan-spray coating solution rate and inlet temperature – outlet of the product. Some machines have been equipped with a special setting that automatically we apply, but there are still many types of coating machines that require manual settings from the beginning.

We can take the example of the adjustment as follows, where the inlet temperature can reach 65 degrees C, the outlet temperature of about 45 degrees C, the temperature of the product to about 50 degrees C, spray rate of 300 g solution / min, and the speed of coating pan of about 40 revolutions per minute. The resulting setting type coating may be surface-coated goods will be shaped like an orange peel, mottled and uneven waves. This coating results due to the temperature of the product is not strong enough to dry the solution and contact time of the solution at the surface of the object is too slow but the spray rate is too large. To flatten the results, we can raise the temperature of the products and lowering the spray rate but by increasing the coating speed. Settings that determine whether the poor coating process performed by the machine.