shoe smart

Le Chal, World’s First Smart Shoes

Wearable gadgets are no longer limited to smartwatch and smartband alone. A pair of researchers at the MIT Media Lab announced the discovery that a smartshoes. Smart footwear is also claimed to help users reach their destination with the help of GPS.

shoe smart

Smartshoes named Le Chal or which means ‘Let’s go’ this must be connected to a smartphone in its use. This is because Le Chal need ‘guidance’ of applications that connect to the GPS on smartphones.

So when Le Chal and smartphones have been interconnected, armed with the default application users can specify the objectives to be achieved. Furthermore, at the foot of Le Chal users will inform the direction or turn that must be overcome by providing a small vibration. Shoes left to turn left and right shoes for the right turn.

When approaching the destination, the intensity would be more frequent in the second part of the shoe. Creator, Anirudh Sharma and small vibration Krispian Lawrence calls issued Le Chal will not give any adverse effects on users.

Although it is not really intended for people with disabilities such as visual impairment, tiller give discounts for the disabled. When ordinary users are required to spend $ 100, then disabilities can sign him with the tag of USD 40 to USD 50.