LG Screen roll

LG Display screen that can be rolled

After the super-thin TVs that can be affixed to the wall like wallpaper, now LG is preparing to show off a new type of screen in 2015 conference of the Society for Information Display, USA, this week.

A flexible screen measuring 18 inches with OLED technology (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) that can be rolled up like paper with a radius of 3 cm without affecting the zoom.

The presence of the “screen roll” has actually been known since the middle of last year. At that time, LG promises will seek to increase its size from 18 inches to over 60 inches in 2017.

OLED believed would be the future of the display industry. This technology also enables the realization that last month the TV “wallpaper” sized 55 inch thickness of less than 1mm.

OLED screens also produces its own light so that it does not require the help of a backlight as do LCD panels. This is why the display technology can be used to make super-thin screens.

Major electronics manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and Sony has been producing OLED screens respectively. But for now the volume of production is still low so the relatively high price of the end product.

4K 65-inch OLED TV from LG, for example, is priced reaching 9,000 US dollars or more.

But LG remains confident in the future of OLED and continue to push the development of this type of screen. As for the screen rolls LG, the company in question has not revealed when it will be available to consumers or how the shape of its implementation in the form of finished products.