LingApp, Easy Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Phrase

Had trouble deciphering a phrase in a foreign language? You can try Lingapp. An application designed interpreter socially. In accordance with the terms of the language used in everyday life and not a raw translation such as Google Translate.

Later the user will be connected to a translator and native speaker. So a phrase that is difficult to understand can be instantly known meaning in accordance with the actual intention.

Lingapp promising quick reply, in just over three minutes. This application will send notification to an expert interpreter when there is a question about a translation.

Instantly they will reply with an answer. The users who are satisfied with the answers given can give points to the translator. This will enhance their reputation as an expert interpreter.

Through this application, users can upload audio or photographs. Allowing users at any time to translate something, such as a menu of a restaurant. Additionally, Lingapp can help interpret some interpretations of sebuh mark when users face foreign information.

The new Lingapp debuted this week in the App Store. Perhaps in the near future will also be available in the Play Store.

Currently available languages ​​only English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. Lingapp targets to provide 79 languages ​​with 25 thousand active users per day.