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Make Resolutions 2015, Zuckerberg Request Help on Facebook

The new year 2015 has just arrived. Some people write the resolution of what they want to accomplish this year, as well as the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He also asked for help on the Facebook users.

mark zuckerberg“I’m all for the idea of personal challenges in the new year. As background, every year I take the challenge to expand my views and learn something about the world outside of my work on Facebook,” Zuck wrote on his official Facebook page.

Some of the challenges in previous years such as learning Chinese language, meet new people who are not working on Facebook every day, to become a vegetarian. For this year, he asked for advice on what to do.

“I actually had no idea what the next challenge, but I’m open to more ideas,” he wrote again. Each Facebook user was invited to write each proposal in the comments section.

Currently, approximately 49 thousand comments meet these postings. Some even returned by Zuckerberg if deemed interesting idea. How, you are interested in contributing ideas on Zuckerberg?