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Microsoft Patented Smart Glasses Emotion Detector

Microsoft managed to get a patent for smart glasses which can be used to detect emotions. American software company is known to have filed a patent smart glasses that emotion detection since 2012.

Microsoft’s patent for smart glasses named “a wearable emotion detection feedback system” was approved by the patent office in the United States. “Microsoft regularly received a patent as part of business practice, not all patents filed or received will be incorporated into Microsoft products,” said a Microsoft spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft smart glasses will be able to analyze individual or group without the knowledge of the person concerned. Sensors on wearable devices that can measure a subject’s body temperature changes or take audio information.

Sensors on Microsoft smart glasses in the form of a camera and microphone mounted on the frame barrier function of the nose and take audio and visual information of the subject. The sensor is able to detect specific things like the subtle variations in the rhythm of speech and amplitude, choice of words, type, speed of movement, as well as the focus of the eyes and body posture.

All such information will be processed by Microsoft’s database and then delivered to the user. Determination of the emotional situation of people who were subjected to be delivered back to the user through the lens.

Still according to the patent, a person’s emotions are detected through microsoft smart glasses can be viewed from different gesture performed by the subject.

“For example, if a subject to play with her hair when she was dating and behavior indicate friendliness or interest, but a different meaning if similar behavior occurs in a situation of business meetings, indicating boredom,” wrote the patent.