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Notes Update, Want to Compete Facebook Platform Blog

Notes feature in Facebook now appear to be different. Facebook gives new design touches on this feature, allowing facebookers more fun to share like experiences in a blog entry.

Notes was introduced on August 22, 2006. Since its inception, the Notes was promoted as a blogging system, although in contrast to his form blogging platform for real.

As it grows, Facebook added a variety of functions including tags and embedded images. Facebook also allows users to import content from sites like LiveJournal blog, Blogger, Xanga and others. But then this features removed a year ago.

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Facebook Notes failed to attract users even can not compete with the blog site. Most of them were happy to write more like poured directly on their blog. Even wrote on Facebook Notes, they usually use to lead readers to their blogs which is located in WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and others.

With the latest update, Facebook gives a new twist on Notes. Users can embed a larger photo, text format with a header, adds quote, even add a bulleted list.

Photos added to the caption text can also be given, and the user can adjust the image size to fit the text. Anyway, this time up to do more for the Notes, making it much like a blog.

Changes in the Notes can be found from today. If you have not found any changes to the Notes, be patient. This update was released in stages to be available to all users.