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Nvidia Quadro M6000 Graphics Card with 12GB VRAM

PC Gamer computing device types assembly still has a fairly large market, it is believed by NVidia by presenting the latest product video graphics card. The graphics chipset manufacturers will carry the name Quadro M6000.

The company said the video graphic card (VGA) presented the latest in the family has the same ability Titan GTX series X. In it is offered with a video memory of 12GB which is greater than the series family.

Quadro M6000 comes with a total of 3072 CUDA cores using Maxwell NVidia GPU-based architecture with FP32 performance, and the performance of precision tungggal 7TFLOPS which includes 384bit memory, with an increase 250w TDP.

In theory, resources mentioned that the graphics card is capable of delivering 60Hz image resolution 4K, through four DisplayPort are included in the sales package. It also pinned NCENC encoder chip to enable real-time video recording using the new codec HEVC. Nvidia claims the new product is able to be run by a server, VCA GPU in it include eight GM200.