tegra nvidia

Nvidia Releases 64 Bit Processor ala Android PC

Nvidia finally joined the 64-bit version of the release of a new processor Tegra K1. Interestingly, not just armed with the support of 64-bit computing, this processor is also claimed to be able to offer PC-style performance.

tegra nvidia

Carrying password Denver, this embedded processor technology called Dynamic Code Optimization in it. So before relying main RAM, Tegra K1 can save the first command to be executed in the cache memory is 128 MB which has.

“Dynamic Code Optimization optimizes frequently used applications at runtime are solid. This was possible thanks to 128 MB of main memory cache has. Once stored in the main memory cache, the processor can quickly take the required instructions each time you want to execute applications often used, “said Nvidia as quoted from Phone Arena, Wednesday (13/08/2014).

Thanks to these technologies, Denver was then claimed Nvidia will be able to provide high performance style PC for users, especially on Android-based devices that do require a fairly large resource.

Nvidia called Tegra K1 expect much at 64 bits. In addition to the way the PC-style offers high performance, also super low consumption as well as mobile processors.

With so processors can be applied to a wide range of Android devices, ranging from games to run heavyweight to applications ‘heavy’ based enterprise.