Obama Request USD 14 billion on Combating Internet Crimes

Barack Obama has a high attention to the US cyber security. Just look at the budget that the US President’s prepared for their cyber security, translucent USD 14 billion.

The proposed budget proposal Obama in US government funding for cyber security in 2016. This huge budget needed in order to protect the network, both government and private Evils of cyber threats.


Since cases of hacking that happened to one company in the country, the United States tightened security in cyberspace. So the impact on the budget provided by the US government.

The budget will be used to deploy the ability to detect and prevent attacks. The US government even greater data sharing with the private sector and other countries to strengthen themselves in the face of virtual Evils, both from within and outside the country.

The funds will be used towards programs and specific projects, such as the Einstein intrusion detection systems, monitoring government computer networks, and six centers cyberops to run cyber activity in the United States.

“This budget provides the resources that we need to defend the nation from cyber attacks,” Obama wrote in the 2016 budget proposal, which was released Monday.

“There are no foreign nation and hackers who are able to shut down the network, stealing trade secrets, or invade the privacy of citizens of the United States,” he said.