skype and microsoft office

Office Update, integration with Skype more Perfect

Microsoft finally detailing the list of updates (changelog) Office applications for the month of October. In the changelog, Microsoft includes a number of new features designed for users of Office both online and offline.

One new feature that is quite striking is the integration between Office and Skype. The integration of voice and video calls from Skype to Office new this time is the excess of the previous.

The number of applications in Office that is integrated with Skype this time more. They are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Online, and This integration allows users of Office to talk with fellow Skype directly in the Office applications.

According to Microsoft, the update this time will create a more natural experience and collaboration between business writing (document) and conversation. Microsoft claims that the instant messaging history itself was born and is closely related to writing a document.

For additional information, integration between Office (2016) and Skype has rolled out Microsoft since September last. Integration time is the early stages, while the integration time is a ‘new level’ which claimed far more perfect.

Officially, the Office which has better integrated with Skype will start rolling globally in November. This update itself will be available on the official website of Microsoft and Skype, as well as within the Skype application