Once You Customize Your Galaxy, It Won’t Look Like Anything Else On The Market

It used to be that skins for phones and other electronic devices were little more than stickers. While fun and decorative, they offered very little in the way of protection. To find the protection that fragile electronic devices needed, one had to look to bulkier cases offered, but their designs were often dull and boring.

Just as the internal technology of devices has evolved, the technology behind skins has improved as well. Skins are no longer just something to pretty up your phone and are now an unrivaled form of protection. The fact that you won’t have to sacrifice your personal flare to ensure your device is protected is a huge bonus. Fashion and function has come together in the 3M vinyl material that superior skins are made of, offering you an easy and affordable way to protect your phone in a unique way. Not only do you have a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from, but you also have options in the types of textures.

samsung galaxy edge skin

Let’s look at the Galaxy S6 Edge. Better protection is the normal reason for buying a case but the problem is that the Edge is already pretty big. Add a thick case onto it, and it becomes hard to manageand very easy to drop. Unless you have the hands of a gorilla, having a case may make holding the Galaxy a two-handed ordeal.The phone is easier to handle in its natural state, but for those of us who can be a bit clumsy or are simply hard on our phones going au natural is not an option. For a phone as fragile as the Galaxy S6 Edge, the only answer is a skin. Its slim form offers all of the protection of a typical case without its added bulk.

Not just any skin can offer that, however. Take a look at how the 3M vinyl is manipulated. Superior skins are custom cut to your particular device, so they don’t cover any of the amazing features of your phone. They also can be easily applied, as a quality skin doesn’t rely on stickyadhesives that leave behind gummy residues. You can take off your skin without marking your phone.

Buying skins for Galaxy S6 Edge is the best and most practical choice. When you purchase your skin from a reliable name in the industry it gets even better. A skin from a company like dbrand is icing on the cake, as they have perfected the skin buying experience on their website. Go online to dbrand.com/shop/galaxy-s6-edge to see how simple it is to sort through their options and experiment with what colour looks best. When you buy your skins from dbrand, there won’t be any question about the tech-savvy owner of the new Galaxy S6 Edge.