Online Slot Games Company Trying to Acquire Huge Market Share

Almost the entire slot games market is owned by a few brands with a lot of experience in domain but now a finnish tech company named Gibraackon is trying to acquire 20% of the entire worldwide slot games market.

People behind Gibraackon have been started as producers of mobile phone apps, without any notable success, until they hired a dozen of programmers experts to develop casino slot games.

They now announced a partnership with a few casino websites, as the providers of online slots. It looks like it’s a lot of buzz around this company, because they appeared from nowhere and everyone wants to collaborate with them.

The first website to implement Gibraackon games at the beginning of 2018 it’s gonna be, a small casino operator from Europe, and after the first tests will be done 20% of online casinos around the world will drop other brands in favor of Gibraackon.

It will be interesting to watch the move of the old sharks to combat this type of take over.