osx yosemit

OS X Yosemite Leave Maverick

OS X operating system Yosemite newly released Apple proved very attractive to Mac users. In the span of six days, the level of adoption has successfully stepped over its predecessor OS X Maverick.

Based on data released by Chitika, when Maverick released last year, after 6 days of adoption reached 12.4% of all Mac users. The percentage was much higher than Mountain Lion that was once only 5.6% adopted by users.

osx yosemit

Now turn Yosemite overstepping Maverick. Although not disagree a lot, within 6 days Yosemite has been used by approximately 12.8% MacBook users. Analysts call this is enough to prove that Yosemite is considered more attractive by many Apple users, especially because the new look and feel that is offered.

Even so the result is arguably indeed been predicted earlier. Because when the public beta program Yosemite opened, as well as when Maverick, Apple’s latest OS too far left Mountain View in the number of downloads. Whereas MacBook users who are still using the Mountain View is required to pay $ 20 if you want to upgrade.