Apple Ensure Birth iOS 8 and OS X New

Apple will almost certainly be launched iOS 8 and the latest version of OS X in the mat Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2014 in United States.

wwdc apple

It was revealed from the banners that have been plastered on the ground floor of the Moscone Center, where the conference will be held, which today has opened for registration of participants.

As written AppleInsider, the banners bearing the letters “X” and the number “8”, which is most likely referring to OS X and iOS 8.

Is Apple just launched two things at WWDC 2014? Apparently not, because at the top of the Moscone Center there are two banners were still closed. The floor can not be accessed by the participants.

In previous years WWDC, where it is used to display banners AirPlay. Meanwhile, place the other one is used to display banners that remain closed until the keynote ended, after Apple showed off the technology or top product

Seagate Create Drive 6 TB World’s Fastest

Seagate Technology launched a hard disk drive (HDD) 6TB who claimed the fastest in the world and named Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4.

The device is also said to be a very important leap and required by scale-out data infrastructure by providing a super large storage capacity and comes functions to meet the needs of the enterprise data center and cloud-based corporation.

seagate hdd

According to Scott Horn, Vice President of Marketing Division Seagate, the growth of unstructured data doubles every year, and will cause the digital data stored at 16 Zettabyte in early 2017.

This will cause the cloud service providers are looking for innovative ways to store data by utilizing existing infrastructure while continuing to reduce operating costs.

Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 has a data transfer rate is much faster thanks to the eighth-generation platform that allows this drive run faster 25% compared to other 6TB drive. Making it ideal for bulk data storage needs 24 hours, 7 days a week.

“The new TwinPro system from Supermicro, SuperServer lines, as well as entirely new SuperStorage solutions have SAS 3.0 support 12GB / s are integrated so as to give full and direct access to performance and maximum capacity owned by 6TB HDD 12GB / s of this Seagate Enterprise class, “said Wally Liaw, Vice President of Sales in the international division of Supermicro.

Line drive that has a capacity of 6TB, Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 capable of providing the highest capacity density required to store unstructured data in a large 3.5-inch HDD.

Supports data storage density per square meter is the highest in the industry, this drive has a capacity 50% higher than the previous generation nearline drives (4TB).

With a 7200-RPM speed, ramp load technology, and humidity sensors, the drive is touted able to deliver optimum performance even if placed in a hostile environment, including optimizing the use of electricity for T10 and T13 standards, which can save up to 90% power.

‘Company Not Allow underestimate BYOD trend’

The growth of the mobile device market, namely smartphones and tablet PCs is astounding. According to Gartner research, in 2012 the combination tablet and smartphone sales have surpassed sales of PCs.

The trend continues where in 2013, a blend of sales of smartphones and tablet PCs has been doubled from the sale of the PC computer. And Gartner predicts that by 2015, sales of tablet PCs have been able to beat the computer consists of a desktop PC and a laptop.


“The growth of mobile devices accelerates faster than many people think,” said Mark Micallef, Area Vice President of Citrix Asean. He said the growth of mobile devices led to a trend of employees bringing their own devices to work or commonly known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

In the method of BYOD, employees can freely choose their own devices to work, call it a smartphone iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. And usually stays bought or subsidized by the company in its purchase. According to Citrix, BYOD trend presents several advantages.

In Citrix survey with the question what are the benefits if employees use the device’s own choice, the answers of which include satisfaction with the percentage of 57%, productivity by 52%, with 51% mobility and flexibility with the percentage of 46%.

Citrix software for enterprise as the company was trying to put forward some solutions supporting BYOD. Examples with XenDesktop and XenApp solutions. Also there are other solutions including XenMobile, ShareFile, GoToMeeting to NetScaler.

Essentially XenDesktop delivers virtual applications and desktops as a mobile service. Present XenDesktop desktop like user experience on virtually any device with a variety of operating systems.

While XenApp is an application virtualization product where the user can securely access applications on a variety of devices. The service is claimed to make the organization’s data remains secure and presents a consistent user experience across all devices used, because all of the process through the data center.

Currently, Citrix solutions have been used in a variety of organizations, including ASEAN. Not long ago, the Ministry of Health Singapore through IT Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) agreed to implement applications and virtual desktops from Citrix.

With this technology, patient records and other health information can be accessed and shared between health workers through a variety of devices and remains gated. Is only large companies or organizations that can implement the technology?

According to Citrix, all organizations can apply it and claimed to feel the benefits. “Citrix products have been used about 300 thousand organizations and 100 million users worldwide,” claims Mark.

In Indonesia, some organizations have been using Citrix solutions. Among OCBC NISP and Bussan Auto Finance (BAF). Whereas in other Asian regions such Hyundai Securities, Perfettu Van Melle India, Trend Micro Japan, to Lenovo in China.

Mark Zuckerberg Immortalized in Wax Statue

Starting in June 2014, the founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerber world will join celebrities at Madame Tussauds museum.

Yes, Zuck will be immortalized through a wax statue in the museum a these popular. The plan, sculpture Zuck will take place at the museum Madame Tussauds in San Francisco, United States.

mark statue

In a leaked photo, ‘Zuck’ sit and conditions appearing in the middle of a laptop. Not to forget a sweater jacket which often bears the miluner these technologies.

‘Zuck’ own mejeng in the middle of the statue of Leonardo Di Caprio and sexy singer Rihanna.

As reported by Mashable, it takes about 20 artists and will take 3-4 months to complete the statue of Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg is the original of course do not have to sit for hours in order to complete the statue was made. But the artists enough to rely on photos to create stunning creations.

For the curious, the museum Madame Tussauds in San Francisco is going to be opened on 26 June 2014. In addition to Zuck, celebrities, politicians, and stores the world will also be a collection of Madame Tussauds which should be expected.

Samsung Prepare Gear Solo, Android SmartWatch Independent

After launching Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, innovation smartwatch Samsung is not going to stop. South Korean manufacturer is reportedly working on another variant hours Gear smart this time called to operate independently.

gear one

Independent here means no longer depend on other Android devices such as the case variants of the Galaxy Gear is now circulating. So later smartwatch which supposedly carries the name of Solo Gear is going to be operated like an Android phone.

So far in, i information about Gear Solo is still very minimal. The gossip was limited to the presence of a SIM card slot and able to make calls or receive calls independently or from the connected Android device.

This means that in addition can be operated independently, Gear Solo seems also can connect with Android phones. Similar to that offered by the current variants of the Galaxy Gear.

Although the news about Gear Solo is still very new, there was a possibility Samsung will announce its existence in a time not too long.

That is because it is not difficult for Samsung if you want to immerse the Android OS with a full feature in Gear Solo. Moreover, the hardware Samsung already has a ‘stock’ of a variant of the Galaxy Gear hers today. By design can be Gear Solo also will carry a form that is not much different from its variant smartwatch existing

Twitter acquisition Android app maker

The team behind Cover, Popular Android lockscreen app announced that they recently acquired by Twitter. Roughly, to what Twitter creator buy this app?

Cover does not explain the details of the agreement between them, and the amount of funds disbursed Twitter to bring Cover to headquarters.


There is also described, such as what tasks will be given to his Twitter. In a blog post on the official website, cover only mentions that although acquired Twitter, their applications are still available in the Play store.

Cover yourself is one of the unique lockscreen app in the Play Store that try to exploit the flexibility of Android, to present a more contextual experience and personalized to the user. With Cover, users can access a number of applications and peek a little information directly from their screen is locked.

“Twitter, as well Cover, convinced of the potential of Android that was awesome. They had the same vision with us, the smartphone can be smarter, even more useful and more contextual. Together with Twitter, we can realize it, wrote Cover The website team they are.

It is not explained clearly, what will be done by acquiring Cover Twitter. But as is known, social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, are highly dependent on advertising revenue personalized, continue to make their services more integrated into, especially with Android devices.

Openness and flexibility of Android, making third-party applications may utilize very important parts such as the lockscreen or notification in Android to promote their services and content.

Facebook for example, last year released a Home, a kind of Android launcher with a unique user interface. Here, the user can view content and services up directly on the home screen them. Unfortunately, welcome to Facebook Home not so good.

Speculation, so Twitter can also be used to cover the same purpose as Facebook Home. By acquiring Cover, Twitter possibility would create a sort of ‘Twitter for Android launcher’ and make tweets and Twitter messages can be accessed directly on the lockscreen. According To You?

Le Chal, World’s First Smart Shoes

Wearable gadgets are no longer limited to smartwatch and smartband alone. A pair of researchers at the MIT Media Lab announced the discovery that a smartshoes. Smart footwear is also claimed to help users reach their destination with the help of GPS.

shoe smart

Smartshoes named Le Chal or which means ‘Let’s go’ this must be connected to a smartphone in its use. This is because Le Chal need ‘guidance’ of applications that connect to the GPS on smartphones.

So when Le Chal and smartphones have been interconnected, armed with the default application users can specify the objectives to be achieved. Furthermore, at the foot of Le Chal users will inform the direction or turn that must be overcome by providing a small vibration. Shoes left to turn left and right shoes for the right turn.

When approaching the destination, the intensity would be more frequent in the second part of the shoe. Creator, Anirudh Sharma and small vibration Krispian Lawrence calls issued Le Chal will not give any adverse effects on users.

Although it is not really intended for people with disabilities such as visual impairment, tiller give discounts for the disabled. When ordinary users are required to spend $ 100, then disabilities can sign him with the tag of USD 40 to USD 50.