Google Buy Bump Photo Sharing Applications

Google re-make a purchase startup. This time, the Internet giant bought a mobile startup Bump Technologies, developers of applications that enrich the photo sharing feature Google’s mobile services.


Bump, they make the application name, has a unique way of sharing files. To transfer photos or video for example, is quite simply the ‘banging’ both phones.

“A new chapter has begun today. Bump has been acquired by Google,” the announcement delivered David Lieb, CEO and co-founder of Bump through blog posts.

Meanwhile, Google has not commented anything related to the purchase of this startup. There is no information regarding the transaction value of this acquisition.

However, other information reported by All Things Digital, citing sources who know this, said the acquisition price range between USD 30 million to USD 60 million.

By acquiring Bump, Google also get Flock, photo sharing application that combines photos taken by the user, their friends, and put them in albums that can be shared.

“We are trying to create an experience like magic, activated behind the scenes with a guide innovation in mathematics, data processing, and algorithms. We are very excited to join Google, a company that believes that computing applications could change the way we interact with each other,” said Lieb.

He said, both Bump and Flock will continue to work to deploy innovation. Bump itself now has more than 100 million iPhone users. This application also allows the Android phone ‘complaint’ with the iPhone for exchanging files.

Similar Chrome Got Siri Voice Features

Google role not only as a search engine or search engine on the internet, because the company is headquartered in the United States are also often released gadgets and various software. One of the best software is launched by Google Chrome, which is an application to access the internet like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

google chrome voice

Basically, Google Chrome has the same features as the some other browser application. However, new – Google reportedly recently added a voice command feature on the application. With the addition of these features, users can perform searches on Google.Com to rely on voice commands like “Siri” on the iPhone.

To use these services, users only stay open Google.Com of Chrome, then click the microphone icon and ask for access to these features. Next live say what you want to search, there are new may be supports English only. And every time you want to use these services, you must click on the icon microphone back.