People Number One Xbox Live Leaving Microsoft

After 17 years of service, book Boyd Multerer career at Microsoft finally closed. News of the resignation of the number one in the development division Xbox Live was spread via Twitter.


“Goodbye Microsoft. It is a good thing. The Xbox was great! It’s time to do something new,” chirping Multerer on his Twitter account.

In addition to responsibility for Xbox Live, Multerer also known as one of the masterminds behind the making of the Xbox 360. Multerer already joined Microsoft since 1997 ago.

Quoted from Polygon, Tuesday (12/30/2014), in 2000, Microsoft is also interesting Multerer to lead the development of the online component of the original Xbox, which was then called the Xbox Online.

In his post, Multerer responsible for hiring a team of developers of Xbox Live, leading the design, directing, and implementing an online gaming service Microsoft. He was also the first on Xbox Live that emphasizes the security measures and anti-cheat.

During the last years, Multerer served as Director of Development for the Xbox. With that position, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin was partly responsible for the design and development of the latest generation of Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One.

He was also a key in the development of three different operating system which allows users to instantly switch quickly from the game, menus, and applications on the Xbox One.