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Powerful tips Prevent Spam and Malware in email

Currently the email becomes inevitable and plays an important role in communication between businesses. However, its role as a means of connecting a productive and valuable as hampered by the disruption of cyber threats that haunt.

Facts presented by Kaspersky Lab that 53 percent of email is spam email. The businessman must not be underestimated regarding their corporate email. Mail phishing, malware, and spam mail must be a disturbing thing email system.

Moreover, the corporate email system is one of the main lines that can be used by hackers to spread malware.

A successful malware attack will slow corporate email system and make it work inefficiently, unwanted downtime so it is necessary to clean the network from malware, even bad news can eliminate some significant data belonging to the company.

A recent study showed that more than two-thirds of the activities of cyber spies based phishing aimed at employees who use email system without the guarantee of safe protection.

The report discovered by Verizon in 2015 states that a person has a probability of 23 percent open phishing emails and 11 percent more likely to be accessing malicious link in less than an hour after receiving the email.

What’s the solution?

Understanding the serious problems that arise, Kaspersky Lab offers security solutions that will help both organizations and companies to strengthen protection against email network of phishing mail, malware and other unwanted email.

Secure Kaspersky Mail Gateway is a virtual tool, specifically designed to reduce the risk of malicious emails increasingly complex, sophisticated and cunning and 99.97% block email spam categories and ensure that business communications can continue uninterrupted and corporate confidentiality, IP, and integrity can be fixed intact.

“Companies still rely on e-mail to stay connected to one another. The number of messages that spread will certainly continue to rise, so does the number of e-mail hoax and spam flowing through the growing network of the mail server,” said Artem Serebrov, Head of Web & Messaging, Kaspersky Lab.

Secure Kaspersky Mail Gateway is claimed to protect businesses by scanning the presence of viruses in email traffic companies. This combined with malicious URL filter – which is updated up-to-date from the cloud – that is able to block e-mail that carries a link to a site infected or malicious files.