Applications Learning Breast

Smartphone Applications for Learning About Breast

In the digital era is now making way to learn and get information becomes easier, for example through the application. The good news, for the women are now able to learn about the sensitive organs, one breast, through smartphone applications.

Examples of unique applications in PlayStore was named ” Know Your Breasts’. Applications that present interesting information about the Eve of the sex organs.

According to the information quoted from the opponent Google Play, this app presents information breast anatomy, composition of the breast, breast development, breast changes and breast maturity.

Then in the page table of contents also presented a number of topics surrounding the aging of the breast, breast development stages, size, appearance, and change from time to time the influence of hormones on the breast. Then there are also other interesting themes.

This application has been downloaded more than a thousand times in the Play Store. This application developed by My App and has been updated to version 2.0.

Users who want to download it should provide space for 15.54 MB. Similarly, as quoted from the official Google Play Store