die casting

Some Benefits and Reasons Why You Should Choose Die Casting Method

When creating parts, there are many methods that can be utilized for the process. However,not all of these processes are created equal. Aluminium alloy die casting is the preferable method when it comes to parts casting. Here are some benefits and reasons why you should choose this method over others.

1. Die casting is an excellent method when combined with high-speed production. Thousands of castings can be made before any kind of retooling is required. The shapes created are able to be far more complex than those created with other production methods.

2. Die cast parts, especially those made from aluminum alloys, are resistant to heat and are known to be far more durable.

3. The strength of casts made from alloys is far greater than that of those made from plastic injection molds. In addition, since castings are all one piece and not fastened together, the strength is in the actual alloy and not in the joining process.

4. The surface finish on the product can be manipulated to the liking of the customer, no matter whether if it is textured or a smooth finish. Holes or threads or both can be manufactured in to the cast itself with no problem.

While there are several other types of manufacturing processes, aluminum alloy die casting remains superior in virtually all aspects. Here is a brief summary of how casting matches up with other processes:

Versus Billet Machined Parts- Producing parts from billets creates a considerable amount of scrap and is really only useful for a small amount of parts. Casting remains far more economical.

Versus Stamping- Casting can result in more varied shapes than stamping could ever hope to achieve. Choices in thickness are also increased when casting is chosen.

Versus Forgings- Castings can be made in a wider variety of shapes over traditional forging methods. Also, the fortifications can be made thinner with castings.

An experienced casting company such as Autocast can manufacture virtually anything that you can imagine using either aluminum or zinc alloys. When choosing to go with the casting method, make sure that the company is aware of the exact specifications of your project in advance.