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Square Enix Final Fantasy Releases Latest Games Typing Games

Square Enix is a leading game developers are very often for pacing in the world of gaming. His name is also very well known by gamers as a product – a product that is very memorable game that not infrequently the game was a favorite at gamers.

And some time ago the Android and iOS users also do requests game Final Fantasy VII can be presented in their grasp. Not a bit of mobile gamers who are looking forward to this game attendance.

Finalwww games

And again – again waiting gamers horrifically – wasted because Square Enix released a new game even far away with Final Fantasy. But do not be sad because creator latest game is a spin-off of a Final Fantasy game, titled Final Fantasy: World Wide Words. Some gamers also disappointed because this is not a RPG game as expected, but a typing game.

Many do not like typing games because the control is done for the game itself is dependent text typed in advance. Very troublesome and even sound strange indeed.

In the game Final Fantasy: The World Wide Words players will be required to complete any given challenge and eradicate all the enemies that are present at every level and in the end will be against the leader of the enemy ranks with the characters you type.

Maybe you will think this game could not provide excitement like RPG games, but maybe Square Enix is being wants to introduce a new game genre that gamers can enjoy.

Game Final Fantasy: The World Wide Words also have to get a release date which is 16 September or today for the Android platform and not long after this game will visit the iOS platform. Unfortunately, this game can not be enjoyed for gamers country because this game will make its debut at Sakura Japanese Negera.

You do not have to regret it because who knows after this Square Enix released a game that actually does will give satisfaction to the gamers.