hacked site indonesia

Supervision of Indonesian Internet Site Hacked

Indonesia’s official website incident Security Response Team on Internet Infrastructure (ID-SIRTII) site hacked. Display Indonesia Internet watchdog sites that was changed.

While accessing the website located at http://www.idsirtii.or.id, Monday (05/25/2015), the main page has been replaced with a photo of a faceless figure wearing a gray jacket. While the background of the site was turned into a completely black.

At the top of the image is laced with the words “Just A Dream”, while at the bottom there is a code “= (h3ll_id) =”.

On the tab that should display the name of the site, now it is replaced by the words “Hacked by h3ll_id” meaning hacked by “hell_id”.

When the site opens, sounding music that automatically played. There was no information whatsoever regarding the motives and objectives of the hackers.

ID-SIRTII itself is an institution established to secure telecommunications network by utilizing the Internet. Their duties include monitoring, early detection, and early warning of threats via the internet in Indonesia.