5 Do not install this popular app on your Android

Currently, the application becomes inseparable from smartphone users. How could I not, with a variety of applications, the user is possible to do various activities such as playing games or writing reports.

On the other hand, a variety of functions and the advantages it was not shared by all applications on the Google Play Store. Android users must recognize that not all applications are really helpful and have features capable.

In fact, not a few of the popular apps appeared to save malicious files or even threaten the security of the user.

To that end, muster popular applications that actually do not need to be installed on Android phones, as quoted from page Make Us Of.

1. ES File Explorer

For Android users, ES File Explorer is an application explorer app is popular in a few years. In addition to presenting a variety of features, this app also has a display that allows users to explore the data available Android on their devices.

However, this does not occur if the user is wearing the free version of the application. Various bloatware and ad-ware appear at any moment. Not only that, a notification pop-up contains an invitation to download additional applications often appear suddenly and can not be disabled.

Alternatively, users can use the application OI File Manager is already available Google Play Store. In addition, there are also applications FX File Exproler and Total Commender.

2. UC Browser

Browser Chinese origin is called so popular in China and India. This application claims to have ‘fast fashion’ that is able to load websites faster. The mode is also capable of compressing the site so that less data consumption.

Nevertheless, this browser has security related problems of tracking. That is because the search list sent without encryption to India Yahoo and Google. That list includes IMSI number, IMEI number, Android ID, including Wi-Fi Mac address.

For users concerned with the security, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be an option. However, keep in mind that not all browsers have adequate security features.

Besides UC Browser, Dolphin Web browser also has a similar problem. Mobile browser was found to have a security hole that makes the data is sent without encryption.

3. CLEAN it

As the name implies, this application has a function to clean up junk files on your smartphone. Because of the popularity, the application is already installed on more than 10 million times and have a high rating.

Nevertheless, basically the application is not very useful because it clears the cache memory does not affect the speed performance of the smartphone. In addition, cleaning RAM only result in the use of a larger battery.

Even so, for those of you who still want to use applications with similar capabilities Greenify can choose to save battery power. SD Maid There are also applications that can be used to clean up garbage data.

Other applications that also have similar features is a Clean Master. Application made by Cheetah Mobile also does not have many uses and are often your ads appear.

4. DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

This application has a function similar to CLEAN it. Only, this app has additional features to speed up battery charging. There are more than 7.6 million users who have downloaded this app.

Although it looks capable of accelerating battery charging, this app actually does not have that capability. Not to mention so many of these applications show ads that might be annoying for most users.

Alternatively, people can use applications such as GSM Battery Monitor to monitor the battery status of the device. Meanwhile, in order to save power the user can select the features available in the application Greenify.

5. Application of Anti-Virus

At present, many anti-virus application that can be found in the Google Play Store. In fact, many of whom are developers who also have anti-virus software for the PC. However, how effective anti-virus for Android devices?

While not bad, it does not mean an Android device really need anti-virus applications. One reason is still the number of security holes that sometimes opened by the user, such as to root the device or install unofficial applications.

Both conditions were certainly open up a security hole bigger. However, that does not mean anti-virus applications have no usefulness at all.

Some applications such as Avast and Avira offers extra data safety features, such as locking the screen until the call blocking.

Five Best Android Applications Web Browser

The need for fast web browser is mandatory that exist in our smartphones, not to mention smartphones with Android operating system. As is known, a variety of web browser applications competing to provide services offer the best features for its users.

Web Browser needed once by smartphone Android in browsing the internet world. So what are the web browser application which is roughly the best choice of the smartphone users with Android operating system. Here’s his review:

1. UC Browser, UC Browser is known advantages is situated on the features of a download manager similar to IDM and browsing too fast. The browser is also lighter and has the speed to download.

2. Firefox Browser For Android, the browser that is familiar because it is widely used by the PC, synchronization features available with PC browsers and many add on extras. There is a feature that can save as PDF allows users to save web pages in PDF format.

3. Opera Browser for Android and Opera Mini, the browser application that is already known and its use is not heavy and light. These applications are often used for free.

4. Chrome browser, the Android browser is the best because it has been installed by more than 18 million users of Android. Many full features that can give us ease to browsing the internet world, for example swipe navigation, unlimited tabs, solid and stable, integrity with Google services.

5. Dolphin Browser for Android, android browser this allows us to be able to flash, as it comes with android browser flash player. Another advantage is that it can download more than 300 titles of papers and Internet access is also fast.

Google Use the Robot For Android Speed ​​Test

Since the beginning of the creation of Android, there are concerns that the platform is experiencing congestion during use. Process to check whether the operating system is jammed during use, when to do it manually.

They affect different parts of the screen, from the home page to the inside to see if Android jammed. Now, even if Android handset on the market with more powerful hardware and software constantly updated, no complaints about the screen remain stalled during use.

According to François Beaufort from Google, now the company uses a robot made by the Finnish company, OptoFidelity to check for hidden problems in equipment using Android and Chrome OS.

In a video posted on the Google+ page Beaufort, looking robot that continuously touch the screen to know the response of the gadget.

Hardware and software problems could be the cause of the problems detected by the robot. And while there are some bottlenecks that sometimes occur, the longer the current platform used.

And in the future, all these bottlenecks will be removed from the Android Market. OptoFidelity machine like this will be a reason for optimism Google.

Transferring data from PC to Android Wireless Data

What way you want to move a journey when the data from the computer to the Android smartphone? Some of you, perhaps, some use Dropbox. However, there is actually an easier way than that, namely by using artificial Push bullet Portal application.

To move the data from the computer to the Android smartphone is actually very easy. You only need to use the data cable to connect the two devices.

However, the USB cable is often left behind at home or tucked at the bottom of the bag. So you can be lazy enough to use a cable.

Another way is to use a cloud application, sort of Dropbox. You just insert the files you want to the application and Dropbox will automatically upload them to the server.

However, there is a problem if we use Dropxbox, sometimes the data packets used can be too big. Well, the portal application could be the answer to this problem.

How it works is very simple portal. Portal moving data from computer to Android smartphone with WiFi local network utilizing the same. And so, you have no need anymore for internet data transfer.

Actually, the developer does not present the technology is completely new. You can only move data from the computer to the Android smartphone without the need to use the Portal. However, there are some configuration steps on the computer that sometimes make these activities become difficult.

Portal makes the transfer of the data to be like magic. You only need to drag the data you want to move to a portal site and miraculously, the data is moved to an Android phone in an instant.

Approximately, how to use a portal like this. First, you must open a portal website that can be found in portal.pushbullet.com. Then, from the existing Portal application on the smartphone, scan the QR code on the site’s pages.

Once the scan is complete, the computer and the phone will automatically connect to each other directly in a local WiFi network. You can directly transfer data, after the process is completed.

Data transfer from the computer to the Android smartphone can take place very quickly. The transfer of image data by 2 MB can take less than five seconds.

The developer’s own claim, Portal would remain stable despite the need to transfer hundreds of data at once. Once the data transfer is complete, you coud see the data in the Portal folder on the device.

There is one drawback that Nextren found in this application. Perhaps, since before, you are already aware that Nextren many write, the data transfer from the computer to the smartphone. Yes, it turns out this is only true data transfer from PC to mobile phones only, not vice-versa.

Moreover, he only available on Android alone, not on the iOS platform.

So, when you have to use the Portal? When you’re connected Android devices on the same WiFi with a computer and want to quickly move data between them.

Application Portal you can get in the Google Play Store without any charge or free.

Unique Story Behind the Name Android M

There is a unique story behind the introduction of Android M in the event show Google I / O, held firm. That is because Dave Burke perform shocks on Android Wear wristwatch, so estimates of M is Milkshake name.

In a keynote speech made at the Google I / O, local time in California, DaveBurke as head of Android at Google Enginering could shake or whisk smart watches, so many people think it indicates M is Milkshake.

Realized over it, Dave immediately provide confirmation. “If the rumors are M signifies Milkshake, then it is very exaggerated,” said Dave Burke, explaining that shocks do hands because he wanted there on Android Interactive Wear is then used.

So convinced that the name initials M will remain in use, until the time comes continuation of the letters official introduction to the public.

Android M is going to be a mystery as long as Google has not been formally introduced, as well as Android L which eventually became Lollipop after officially released to the public. However, a strong indication seems Google will continue to use the name of desserts, because based on the name of the previously used version.

How to Block Spam Messages and Annoying Phone Calls

Many people are disturbed by phone calls and short messages is not known who often get into the smartphone. There are several ways you can do to block it.

Here’s how that can be done to block the entire telephone calls and text messages annoying in smartphones. Following ways to stop unwanted spam messages and disturbances in your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Blocking Numbers on iPhone

For Android smartphones, how easily users can simply go to the phone application and find the number you want to block bullies. Select the symbol ‘i’ and then select ‘Block This Caller’. That way not only will block phone calls, but also all messages sent the number.

In addition to the above, users with the iPhone OS iOS 7 also can block the number of people who interfere with a select menu Settings> Phone> Blocked.

Block phone spam on Android

How to block spammers numbers on the Android phone by using the menu ‘Settings’ and select ‘Call’. The menu will direct users to a wide range of options to block various confounding numbers are entered.

Alternatively, you can download the application calls the block as Mr. Number-Block which can be downloaded for free. The third-party applications will provide additional information on the number of unrecognized and divert it to voicemail.

Prevents Spam messages on Android Smartphone and iPhone

You can report spam messages to interfere with the operator’s network provider is used. It’s hard to block spam messages are present to your smartphone, how to anticipate the most good is to not carelessly give your number to others and give your mobile phone number when absolutely necessary.

Google Releases Android 5.1 Update

The official release of the Android operating system updates are included in the 5.1 version of Android known as Lollipop, has been presented by Google with the system Over-the Air (OTA). This product will be launched for its development alone some of the family Nexus series and other brands.

However, not only for its newest products are getting updates to the system, such as the Nexus 9. Some older product development Google partnered with several device manufacturers will also be presented.

Some of the products Google Nexus series family, especially the older series have been getting updates Android system. In addition to display a fresh OS, this update also claimed to bring some new features.

Update incoming and expressed jump from version should have claimed to have returned the feature ‘silent’ or silence that had gone on Android updates to version 5.0 Lollipop, so this release of Android 5.1 to version fixes and adding new features.

Be some series of products that can update the 5.1 version of Android Lollipop is a product that has also been released in 2012 and 2013. In addition of course, the latest product this year also get the updates.

Nexus product that gets the renewal is
– Nexus 9 WiFi
– Nexus LTE 9
– Nexus 6
– Nexus 5
– Nexus 4
– Nexus 7 WiFi (2013)
– Nexus 7 LTE (2013)
– Nexus 7 3G (2012)
– Nexus 10
– Nexus Play
– Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition
– LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition
– HTC One M8 Google Play Edition
– Sprint Nexus S 4G