Smartphone Applications for Learning About Breast

In the digital era is now making way to learn and get information becomes easier, for example through the application. The good news, for the women are now able to learn about the sensitive organs, one breast, through smartphone applications.

Examples of unique applications in PlayStore was named ” Know Your Breasts’. Applications that present interesting information about the Eve of the sex organs.

According to the information quoted from the opponent Google Play, this app presents information breast anatomy, composition of the breast, breast development, breast changes and breast maturity.

Then in the page table of contents also presented a number of topics surrounding the aging of the breast, breast development stages, size, appearance, and change from time to time the influence of hormones on the breast. Then there are also other interesting themes.

This application has been downloaded more than a thousand times in the Play Store. This application developed by My App and has been updated to version 2.0.

Users who want to download it should provide space for 15.54 MB. Similarly, as quoted from the official Google Play Store

Cyanogen Refused on the acquisition by Google

Favored by many Android users who like crack, Cyanogen appeared to have noticed by Google, which is creator Android. In fact, the Internet giant is said to have made an offer to buy Cyanogen.

Cyanogen is known thanks to the custom CyanogenMod Android-based OS that has been greatly loved by the fans of Android. CyanogenMod now in its 11th version was claimed to have been downloaded more than 10 million times since it was first launched.


The tip of his success, Cyanogen has inaugurated himself as an official company. The Oppo be the first mobile phone manufacturer who worked with him over the phone buried CyanogenMod on N1.

Later, Google called the middle trying to acquire Cyanogen. Information circulating said Google wants is behind CyanogenMod team entered in the Android development team.

Cyanogen called flatly refused the offer of Google. Unfortunately, the reason is still unknown so far.

Though Cyanogen reportedly is looking for cooperation partners who are willing to disburse investment of USD 1 billion. It may be the reason Cyanogen rejected Google’s offer is the value of the acquisition is still not appropriate. Who knows?

Kaspersky Virus Detection New Android & iOS

Kaspersky Lab released a new research report that maps the massive international infrastructure that is used to control the implant malware ‘Remote Control System’ (RCS), and identify unknown mobile Trojan that can attack Android and iOS.


This module is part of what is referred to as spyware tools ‘legal’, namely RCS aka Galileo, which was developed by the Italian company, Hacking Team.

List of victims in the above study, conducted by Kaspersky Lab together with the Citizen Lab, including activists and human rights defenders, journalists and politicians.

Kaspersky Lab has conducted a variety of different security approaches to find a server command and control (C & C) Galileo worldwide.

For the identification process, Kaspersky Lab’s experts rely on specific indicators and data connectivity obtained by reversing engineering (reverse engineering) existing sample.

In a recent analysis, Kaspersky Lab researchers claimed to map the presence of more than 320 RCS C & C servers in more than 40 countries. The majority of these servers located in the United States, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, England and Canada.

Related to these new findings, Sergey Golovanov, Principal Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab, stating that the existence of this server in a country does not mean they are used by law enforcement in the country.

However, it makes sense for the user to operate the server RCS C & C in the location that they control – because in the place of legal problems between the state and the seizure of servers small risk.

Implants Mobile RCS

Although it has previously been known that the mobile Trojan for iOS and Android from Hacking Team exists, previously no really can identify, or knowing use in the attack.

Kaspersky Lab experts have researched malware RCS for two years. Earlier this year they were able to identify specific sample from the same mobile module with other RCS malware configuration profile in their collection.

In a recent study, a new variant of the sample was also obtained from the victim through KSN network Kaspersky Lab cloud. In addition, Kaspersky Lab’s experts also work closely with Morgan Marquis-Boire of the Citizen Lab, which examines a collection of malware HackingTeam extensively.

Mentioned, the mastermind behind Galileo RCS build dangerous implants specific for obvious target. Once the samples are ready, the attacker sends them to mobile devices victim.

Some of the known vector infection including spearphishing through social engineering, which is often combined with exploitation, including the exploitation of zero-day, and local infection via the USB cable when the mobile device synchronization.

Twitter acquisition Android app maker

The team behind Cover, Popular Android lockscreen app announced that they recently acquired by Twitter. Roughly, to what Twitter creator buy this app?

Cover does not explain the details of the agreement between them, and the amount of funds disbursed Twitter to bring Cover to headquarters.


There is also described, such as what tasks will be given to his Twitter. In a blog post on the official website, cover only mentions that although acquired Twitter, their applications are still available in the Play store.

Cover yourself is one of the unique lockscreen app in the Play Store that try to exploit the flexibility of Android, to present a more contextual experience and personalized to the user. With Cover, users can access a number of applications and peek a little information directly from their screen is locked.

“Twitter, as well Cover, convinced of the potential of Android that was awesome. They had the same vision with us, the smartphone can be smarter, even more useful and more contextual. Together with Twitter, we can realize it, wrote Cover The website team they are.

It is not explained clearly, what will be done by acquiring Cover Twitter. But as is known, social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, are highly dependent on advertising revenue personalized, continue to make their services more integrated into, especially with Android devices.

Openness and flexibility of Android, making third-party applications may utilize very important parts such as the lockscreen or notification in Android to promote their services and content.

Facebook for example, last year released a Home, a kind of Android launcher with a unique user interface. Here, the user can view content and services up directly on the home screen them. Unfortunately, welcome to Facebook Home not so good.

Speculation, so Twitter can also be used to cover the same purpose as Facebook Home. By acquiring Cover, Twitter possibility would create a sort of ‘Twitter for Android launcher’ and make tweets and Twitter messages can be accessed directly on the lockscreen. According To You?