Apple makes iPhone and MacBook from Recycled Materials

Apple wants all its products to be environmentally friendly products. The company, based in Cupertino, California, USA, also continues to improve its environmental policies.

So far, Apple continues to announce manufacturing advances that have minimal impact on the environment. In fact, the company also has a team that continues to reduce pollution and improve the recycling process.

Apple says it plans to produce popular products like the iPhone and MacBook using recycled materials and bioplastic materials.

“What we do is use recycled materials to create renewable products or materials,” said Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiative Lisa Jackson.

He added, so far among technology vendors, only Apple companies are committed to the use of recycled materials for manufacturing products.

“Many say about the electronic recycling process, but the recycled material is not necessarily used in producing new electronics,” Jackson said.

One of the obstacles of this environmentally friendly program is the difficulty of collecting Apple devices that have been sold (for recycling). The problem is the number of devices that have been sold and spread in the market very much.

“But the company is committed to stop mining the earth (using a non-renewable piece of equipment),” Jackson said.

The report from Amnesty International praises Apple as a leader in the industry, in this case related to the use of recycled materials.

Just to note, so far the mineral is widely used in batteries. Meanwhile, the battery is used every day by humans on various devices.

Meanwhile, the minerals are mostly derived from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is known to produce more than half the demand for minerals needed by industry.

However, working conditions there are very dangerous, such as mineral mining is done with empty hands and not infrequently it is done by children.

Beginning in 2017, Apple is committed to discontinuing the use of cobalt minerals that are mined with bare hands in Congo.

5 Things to watch out for before buying a new phone

Having a new phone that has been equipped with the latest features and technology is the desire of many people. Only, there are some considerations that must be considered first.

The number of phones released in the adjacent time would make many confused parties to make choices.

Instead of getting a mobile phone as needed, buyers sometimes get stuck with too expensive a price for a feature that ‘austerity’. Before reaching in, there are some things like quoting Phones Review that could be your consideration.

1. Resilience

The quality of mobile phone material can be a consideration before you buy it. Make sure you buy a mobile from a familiar brand.

In addition, you can also search penilain from reviews about the phone being targeted. Objective assessment can help you determine how well a phone is holding.

2. Screen Size

The dimensions of the screen can be fitted in the grip can be one consideration before buying a mobile phone. When choosing a phone with a big screen, make sure you are comfortable using it.

If the phone is about to be used to work to capture photos and videos, you’ll want to choose a phone with a screen and high resolution.

3. Performance

Performance is no longer just a figment for the latest generation of smart phones. Multitasking requires that the phone has a fast processor that accommodates the needs of playing games, featuring documents and large-capacity media.

Processor speed also affects operating system and interface.

4. Camera

Camera features have become an integral part of a smart phone today. If you like capturing moments to upload via Instagram, the camera should be your primary consideration.

Conversely, if just for the needs of swafoto, you can also find which phone can accommodate it. For information, the size of the camera resolution does not guarantee the best picture quality is best.

5. Battery life

Long-lasting batteries can help you use them as long as you need them. A good quality mobile battery should last for a full day.

Want to work at Apple? Check the list of interview questions here

Who doesn’t have a desire to work in companies such as Apple? As one of the prestigious companies in the world, don’t be surprised if the selection of work at Apple isn’t easy.

Just like other technology companies, Apple interviewers often ask technical matters pertaining to the workplace ago. However, there are also the questions posed confusing like a puzzle.

Curious as to what was the question? Here are some questions that are often asked for admission Apple.

1. We have a cup of hot coffee and cold milk from the refrigerator, the room temperature is between these two bodies. When will we have to mix the milk to hot coffee to get the best combination of cold? (At the beginning, in the middle or at the end). This question is usually intended for candidates positions of product design.

2. What is the weight of the Empire State Building? This statement is submitted for candidate solutions consultant.

3. How do you explain the RAM to children 5 years old? Statement for the candidate genius of Apple.

4. How does the wings of the aircraft? Questions for the candidates Lead System Engineer.

5. Give me five ways to measure how many liters of gasoline were found in a car? Questions for the candidates Hardware Engineer.

6. If you have two eggs and you want to know, from what floor you can drop an egg without shattering, how do you do it? Software Engineer for a candidate statement.

7. How you can specify the price of this pencil? Questions for the candidates Global Supply Manager.

8. Describe an interesting problem and how would you solve it? Software Engineer for a candidate statement.

9. How do you explain the function of the router / modem to children 8 years old? Questions for the candidates Home Advisor.

10. How many children are born each day? Questions for the candidates Global Supply Manager.

11. How do you test your favorite application? Questions for the candidates Software QA Engineer.

12. There are three boxes each containing apples, oranges, and one contains both boxes again. However, it has been labeled the third box does not match what is in it. Open one box, without looking into the box, take one of the fruits. By looking at the fruit, how do you fix the existing labels on the box so that in accordance with its content? Questions for the candidates Software QA engineer.

13. Whether you are an intelligent person? Questions for the candidates Build Engineer.

14. Are you a creative person? Give one thing you think is the result of your creative thinking. Questions for the candidates Software Engineering.

15. Which is more important, whether the fix customer problems or create a product that has a high user experience? Statement for Home Advisor Apple.

Apple Launches @AppleSupport account on Twitter

Technology companies, Apple, launching a Twitter account @AppleSupport to help answer a number of questions consumers.

The account will explain to consumers associated with a variety of Apple products in 140 characters. Remarkably, on the first day @AppleSupport account appeared already followed by 100,000 Twitter users. While the number of booms have touched the figure 2,141 nudge.

Companies led by Tim Cook unveiled the account last Thursday, March 3, 2016. Through a variety of her upload, Apple hopes to provide services as well as tutorials to address issues experienced by customers.

“We are here to provide tips and tricks as well as support information when you need it. If you have any questions, we’re here to answer it,” wrote Apple Support in uploads his tweet.

Some consumers also directly use the services of this Apple Support. They asked about how to troubleshoot the battery, removing scratches on the device, and others.

Meanwhile, not a few consumers who cast their grievances through the Apple Support’s Twitter account. Based on information from home page, the account has answered more than 400 questions in the first three hours since the account was created.

What is meaning of letter “i” from the iPhone?

iPhone is one of Apple’s brand is the most recognizable. Only by remembering the word iPhone, it is definitely the terbesit in mind is Apple, a company based in Cupertino are working on the smartphone.

Apparently, calibaration calibaration, Apple store special meaning why they label the letter “i” in iPhone. Founder of Apple, SteveJobs, has a fascinating story about the philosophical meaning of the letter “i”.

The letter “i” was first sparked when Apple introduced the smart PC, the iMac in 1998.

Jobs said, the emergence of the letter “i” in iMac marks an era in which computers become a top priority for its users.

“Consumers want what they want with Apple computers, the Internet. Therefore, we think the internet is becoming an important representation for our products,” said Jobs.

Indeed, initially the letter “i” to the Internet is becoming a powerful branding for Apple products. As time went by before the iPhone launch, Jobs decided to keep using Apple products with a pin frills letter “i”.

We still use the “i” in iPhone. However, it means not only to the Internet, can be for individual, instruct (ruled), inform (inform), inspire (menginsipirasikan), and even the “i” can be a “we”

Since then, the letter “i” began to be used not only for Apple products. Software made by Apple was also overhauled its name, call it iTools, iMessage, and much more.

Get Attractive Iphone Accessories to Make Phone Look Cool

In this fast running competition, everyone has the smart phone in their hands. These cellular are more advanced than the regular mobile phones and they are also capable of sending data that includes the text massages, email, playing movies and the SMS as well. The smart phone shave become quite popular in these days due to the various facilities they offer to the customers. These phones enable to capture the pictures and videos as well. There are several accessories that are available in the market for your phone. These accessories can make your phone look cool and improve the functionalities as well.

Iphone is one of the popular types of phone that is available in the market in these days. These phones have been gaining importance due to the latest type of Windows operating system and other special apps. There are many online sites that offer cool accessories for the iphone model. These accessories help the customers to make proper use of the phone with the added facilities. They are available in various designs and they are fast growing in the market. You can find some more cool accessories here. is one of the leading sites that offer trendy accessories for your iphone. Some of the popular types of accessories are covers, phone cases, screen guards, datacables, data cable fans, USB portable chargers and many more.

Before purchasing the iphone accessories online, you should check the brand and compatibility factor. In the recent days, most of the accessories are compatible with the major phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Xperia, and LG and so on. You should check the warranty and the rating of the accessories. The price also makes a difference. You will get the same accessory in various sites in various price rates. You should select the best one from the reliable online store.

One of the latest types of accessory is flexible detachable USB power consumption Silence Fan. You can see the price of this accessory from gearbest. It is compatible with all the portable USB supported devices. There is also free shipment available from

Excited, Steve Jobs ‘Life’ Back

The most phenomenal figure in the company of Apple, Steve Jobs, will be ‘live’ back. Do not be surprised first-born February 24, 1955 it will be transformed in a movie titled name itself is Steve Jobs.

Previously, it has been rumored that the film Steve Jobs will be launched this year. The film, directed by Danny Boyle has launched the official poster.

In the teaser movie poster, it appears the figure of Steve Jobs starring veteran actor Michael Fassbender. Shown in black and white image, pose Jobs played Fassbender in the poster looks so charismatic and somewhat similar to the deceased, who died in 2011.

Jobs played Fassbender performing style of the original jobs with high neck sweater stylish black top and jeans Pensive its so typical with rested her chin.

Cash, teaser poster of this film caught the attention of netizens and the observer of the world of technology, especially the Apple Fan Boy (designation lovers of Apple products).

They also respond positively related to the presence of this film and the similarities between Fassbender with Jobs that really shows the depth chemistry.

Steve Jobs movie will tell the lunge of his career since he founded Apple in 1976, until he left the company in 1985. In addition, his personal story as well as the vision and mission of the business will be the central point of this movie-themed drama.

In addition, the business projection Jobs led the effort will be shown. Starting from when he created the Macintosh in 1984, next in 1988 (after the computer company Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985), and iMac products in 1998.

In addition to Fassbender, there are several other popular Hollywood star will appear in the film. Among others, Kate Winslet, who plays Joanna Hoffman, a member of the Macintosh and NeXT team, then there is Seth Rogen, which acts as a co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

Previously, Steve Jobs movie with the title `Jobs` already present on the big screen. Starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, the film unfortunately did not get a positive response from fans.

Steve Jobs the second movie will slide to the big screen on October 9, 2015.