Facebook Add Special Features ecommerce

For Facebook users who use social networking to sell, will be facilitated by the presence of new features. There is a special feature to sell and buy goods.

Applicable for For Sale Groups Facebook members, they can select, features ‘Sell’ when creating a post. Each member can add a description of the goods sold, including price and location of delivery of goods.

Through facebook information, like e-commerce site, the seller can also inform the availability of the goods sold by marking their posts ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’.

Through her blog, Facebook tells a number of examples of communities that use For Sale Groups with routine. For example, Lisa Duncan-Thayer of Florida. He formed the group Made By Mama Buy / Sell / Trade to sell knitted items and provide a place for local artisans to sell their handicrafts.

Currently there are more than 4,500 members in Pinellas County, Florida, and the group claimed to have helped many women change their hobby into a business.

In addition there is also a professional guitarist Kadu Carvalho. Men from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is shaping up Group, which aims to help musicians in Brazil buy and sell their musical instruments.

Within 3 years, the group has collected more than 34,000 members. This group not only helps Kadu to buy and sell musical instruments, but also bears his name and also public awareness of his brand, Swell.

With the additional features of Buy and Sell, will hopefully make it easier for users who use Facebook For Sale Groups. This feature will be enjoyed in the coming months globally on iOS devices, Android and the web. But Facebook has not been mentioned in detail the time of release.

Imitate Snapchat, Facebook Status Can Lost

Facebook is experimenting with a new feature on its mobile services. This feature allows users to adjust the appearance of the post for the specified time. Facebook is tested on a small scale on Facebook for iOS that allows users to delete posts according desired time.

Screenshot This feature was reported by a number of websites and blogs technology. the images did appear to be any function that offers the option expired time, ranging from one hour to seven days.

screenshot facebook expired

Not yet known whether this feature will be released officially or Facebook just to test it. The function of the message can be lost by itself reminiscent of Snapchat.

It may be that, Facebook will formalize and expand the availability of this feature to the Facebook mobile on all platforms. A number of messenger service in there that immerse this function.

BlackBerry Messenger for example, some time ago released an update that adds privacy features. This feature is called Timed Message allows messages disappear after they are sent to the destination.

Twitter Add Features Video and Group Messaging

Twitter not to be outdone with Facebook and Instagram. The microblogging service now allows users to create, edit and share video directly. In addition, there is also a Group Messaging.

Previous video function on Twitter is only available to advertisers, Twitter account public figures and influencers. They can upload the video lasted 10 minutes in order to get an analysis of the follower.

twitter quote

Twitter is currently offering to all Twitter users in the mobile. Added a new video function is different from the Vine, video sharing six seconds Twitter acquired in 2012.

Vine is very focused on short duration. There are so many cameras tool for the creator. Twitter for video features, more emphasis quickly and instantly share 30-second video.

Twitter does not integrate Vine to Twitter video application. But they could post the same video both Vine and Twitter accounts in the application Vine.

Just like in the Vine, to make videos Twitter, the user must select the video camera function, then hold the record button during recording and release it when it is finished.

For now, Twitter is the new video can be enjoyed by the majority of Twitter users in iOS. Twitter has promised to expand the availability, including to other platorm like Android.

In addition to the video features, as already mentioned earlier, Twitter users are now also able to send private messages to the more than 20 people at a time, with Group Messaging.

Facebook Status of Women Make It Fined $ 12,500

Think before posting! Facebook status too far back long tails. This time, a woman was fined 12,500 Australian dollars after slandering her former husband on Facebook.


This event began in December 2012 when Robyn Greeuw write Facebook status calling her ex-husband was a perpetrator of domestic violence.

“Finally divorced from Miro Dabrowski after 18 years of suffering from domestic violence. Now fight to get custody of a child,” reads the status Greeuw.

Apes, ex-husband to read the status and said that the allegations were not true. Dabrowski was depressed and embarrassed because the status is read by family and many friends.

Dabrowski also felt that such a status would ruin his reputation in Bunbury, where he currently works as a school teacher. He also reported the Greeuw action to the local court.

In the trial court, Greeuw admitted that what he wrote in the state is a truth. But Judge Michael Bowden, who led the trial said that Greeuw not able to show sufficient evidence.

Although Greeuw now remove that status, Judge Bowden still reward with a fine of up to AU $ 12,500 excluding taxes and court costs.

Facebook Apologizes Problem Flashback Features

Features Flashback end up did not seem to go as smooth as expected. Features dedicated to the memory of the various moments that occur during the year was in fact not pleasing to some user.

One complaint after discovering Facebook users automatically display features ‘Year in Review’, which led to bad memory with his daughter.

fb feature flashback

The application is compiled photographs of users in 2014 and add captions, ‘It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it ‘.

That’s what turns lead to a web design consultant and author Eric Meyer shocked and saddened when he saw Year in Review on his Facebook account. The reason, Meyer has just lost her daughter due to brain cancer.

For those of us who live in the shadow of the death of our loved ones, spend time in the hospital, divorced, or perhaps losing a job is one of the many crises that may not want to see again in the last year

As a result of this incident the Facebook was cast apology. Jonathan Gheller, Product Manager application Year in Review told the Washington Post when he was in the name of the company apologized if it hurt the user features.

This application is actually very good for most people, but in this case more clearly we bring sorrow to him than happiness