Google closes URL shortening service

The age of URL shortening service can only last no more than a decade. The reason, Google reportedly immediately close this service gradually, until 2019.

Through a post on his official blog, the closure of will begin on April 13, 2018. Google also recommends that users no longer take advantage of this service after a specified date.

Instead, Google is preparing a new service called Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). This service is claimed to have more diverse and smarter features than

“Starting April 13, 2018, users will not be able to create a new short link via service,” wrote Michael Hermanto, Software Engineer Firebase, Google’s official blog, Monday (2/4/2018).

“If you want to create a new short link, we recommend you use Firebase Dynamic Links or use popular services such as and as alternatives,” Hermanto added.

However, it does not mean that links previously created via are no longer accessible.

Michael asserted, links that have been made or are currently still a short link from will remain accessible and manageable until 2019. Only, Google still recommends that users immediately switch to a newer FDL service.

“After March 30, 2019, all links will continue to be redirected to the intended link destination. Your created short links will not be migrated to the Firebase service but you will be able to export your link information from the console,” says Michael. is a URL shortening service launched since 2009 ago. At that time Google’s goal of launching this service is to simplify the process of sharing links, as well as measuring traffic by users. then became a service that is arguably very popular, because its features are complete. In fact until now, there are some services similar to, ie and

However, is considered the best URL shortening service, because in addition to complete, this service is also easy to use by application developers.

7 Features in Google Chrome What You Should Know

Undeniably, Google Chrome, is the browser (browser) is the most widely used by Internet users.

Although widely used by users – either on computers or mobile devices, it was not a few who do not know all the features in Google Chrome this.

What are those features? Without any length, here are 7 features in Google Chrome that are rarely known to users.

1. Dinosaur game

Google Chrome’s proprietary T-Rex Run can be played if the internet connection is disconnected.

For those of you who open the web page and the connection is lost it would be familiar with the figure of this T-Rex.

However, there are users who do not know if you can play endless game runner with T-Rex this genre. All you have to do is press the space bar (space bar).

2. Tab Pin

When opening multiple tabs at once, mark the tabs you do not want to close with right-click, then select Tab Pin. The marked tab will automatically move to the left.

3. Save Battery

If you want to save battery, sacrifice a little performance. Go to Settings, locate the System section and click on the ‘Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’ button.

4. Multiprofile

If you have multiple Google accounts for work or personal, you can save bookmarks and browsing history of each account by creating an individual profile.

Steps go to Settings> Manage People> Add Person. This feature is also useful if the computer is often borrowed.


If you do not want direct downloads go to Desktop, go to Settings then to the Show Advanced Setting menu, click Download to set the desired folder.

6. Calculator

Just type in the necessary calculations in the Google search field, then press Enter.

7. Search for Gmail from omnibar

Users can search Gmail mailbox directly from omnibar, go to Settings, Manage Search Engines then search the desired page.

The Delay Flight Can Now Be Known from Google Search

Google has updated its flight features. The update brings a new feature where travelers can find out on their way to the airport.

Google Flight now uses machine learning that will predict flights that are delayed or delayed. In addition, the new features of Google Flight also explain the differences of some classes in the airplane such as economy class with various facilities provided.

The flight delay prediction feature is indeed an interesting feature of the Google Flight application. In a post on his blog, Google said it would comb the historical data of a delayed flight, to search for a general pattern at the end of departure.

The new features include information such as location, weather, and late arrivals. If the algorithm has collected data with 80% confidence, flight information delay will appear when the user searches for it by flight number, route or airline.

So how to use the feature? Users only need to enter their flight number, flight route or airline in Google Search.

The delayed flight information will then appear in the search results. The user will see the aviation in question with the green color for the scheduled flight, and the red description for the possible flight delay.

Meanwhile, the feature that provides basic flight tariff information will help travelers understand what facilities they get if using economy class. Although in the same class, airlines do provide different facilities.

That feature will certainly make it easier for you to get the most comfortable economy class flight.

5 Features Google secrets you need to know

Did you know Google has a number of useful features that are rarely known to many people? Yes, these features have enough functionality to help and entertain users.

For the record, these features can only be used with the Google Chrome browser and is recommended for use on the desktop.

I use them quite easily. The following 5 features Google’s highly confidential help everyday users.

1. Timer

Google search field can also function as a timer. To activate the timer, go to the Google search field, then type “timer … hours”.

For example, if you want to activate the timer feature in four hours, type “timer 4 hours” in the search field. Once you tap the magnifying glass icon, search results will display timer.

2. Google Chrome and Lego

You can build a Lego in the Google Chrome browser. Moving into and you can build a lego building in multiple regions spread across the world map.

3. Number Speaker

If you are confused with pronunciation of the numbers in English, you can put the score she wanted to say in the search field by adding ‘= english’.

For example, if you want to know how the pronunciation of the numbers 575 877, 575 877 = english writing in the search field.

4. Google Sky

You can also fly across the atmosphere and the solar system by using Google Sky.

Yes, Google Sky is Google Maps for outer space. This feature allows users to find information about planets, stars, galaxies and all the words that exist in the solar system.

5. Find Font Site

In Google Chrome, you can change the font of the site you want to visit. It’s easy, go to and select the font you want to change. You can collect your favorite fonts into collections.

Android Nougat Ready to Launch on 22 August

The timely launch of Android 7.0 is almost certain Nougat. Based on the latest information from mobile operators from Canada, Telus, the latest Android operating system will be launched on 22 August.

Information from Telus is expected to participate include accurate enough because Android security update information for multiple devices at once.

Huawei and LG Nexus Nexus 6P 5X into two series of the first phone that will receive the update to Android 7.0 Nougat. However, there might no changes were made regarding the schedule for the launch of the new operating system.

This information was also confirmed by LG websites also briefly displays a special page of the test LH G5 OS that will be conducted on September 22, 2016.

Given Nexus 5X made by the South Korean company, it is also possible LG got the Android Open Source Project code first.

Besides LG, several other vendors such as Sony also said to have received the most new AOSP code. That way, vendors are expected to have more time to prepare and adjust to their device needs an update.

Unfortunately, other Nexus series is uncertain when it will obtain the update. However, based on previous information, other than 6P and Nexus5X Nexus, Nexus 5 is another series phones will receive an update to Android 7.0 Nougat.

News of the latest version of Android’s presence is quite fast, only about 5 months. After the developer version slide in March 2016 and then, the final version for developers has been released in July.

7 Cool New Features Google Maps

Map applications via smartphones made by Google’s increasingly sophisticated course, a number of new features now present in Google Maps that gives a new color to the user’s smartphone.

Google is indeed to improve the intelligence services digital map hers. By providing regularly updated and added many new features.

1. Google Maps v9.22: Change the name of the place and Flag Stickers

Now you can change the label or the name of his favorite places and can provide a wide range of stickers. So you have plenty of options to mark every place, in accordance with the wishes. How select the location that you are going to, for example office. Select the option button (three dots) are located on the top right, and then label the name of the place. Only after that can replace an icon with your choice stickers.

By marking the favorite places frequented on a regular basis, such as an office or a place to hang out. Make it easy for you to find a place to just use stickers.

2. Seeing Taxi Rates

In addition to displaying information about transportation to the destination, traffic density, and the best route to reach the destination. Now Google has also added information Uber taxi fare to reach a certain goal. The advantage of this feature is that you come to know how much should be prepared when choosing Uber as transportation.

3. Google Maps v9.20: Add photos to reviews

If you wish to add reviews to places such as restaurants or attractions via Google Maps. Now you can include photos to illustrate these locations. Google will even pair the photos you’ve taken on site for review automatically.

4. Enhanced Audio Navigation

Voice guidance setting options were also improved Google. Now you can still hear the voice guidance even if you’re doing a phone and dialed via the Bluetooth headset.

5. The addition of Timeline

Timeline is a feature enhancement features of Location History. This feature allows you to see which sites you visit. When you’re doing a guided trip with Google Maps, when you stop to rest. Now you can make a short break you got into the timeline.

6. Google Maps 9:19: Driving Mode

Google added a feature called Driving Mode in Google Maps. This feature searches the locations you’ve ever visited and recorded in your Google account. Data from these searches will be used to predict the location of which will be designated by the user. So Google Maps can provide advice on the best place for you to enjoy the weekend.

7. Offline Mode

Although the majority of services will be enjoyed with optimal online, but there are still so many areas that can not be reached by internet signal. Google also makes sure Google Maps can be enjoyed offline. The ability to store maps with support for offline use of indices to be used for the purposes of navigation and search has indeed been announced since the event the developer conference I / O last year.

Basically, you are required to download the map data on a particular area, such as the city of Jakarta. The offline map function is also only had a main course, as do a search of a site but can not show you a picture of the location or user reviews. Similarly, the ability to navigate, with information about the level of the average density of traffic in real-time.

Want to know how much salary boss google?

Who is not proud to be a world class company officials giants like Google. Yes talking about giants, surely you wonder how much salary a person who leads a giant corporation? Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai is now, and if you talk to a career as a CEO, how much is the salary of a CEO that houses the company for Google?

A salary Sundar Pichai has been revealed thanks to data derived from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) United States, which revealed that Pichai has a salary of $ 652,500, plus restricted stock valued at $ 99.8 million, as well as compensation reaches $ 3,000.

Even in the month of February, Google had to grant restricted shares worth $ 199 million to Pichai. That is the greatest gift that can be achieved by Google executives over the years, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The man of Indian descent have been leading the search engine company since August 2015 last. More precisely after the company announced a major reform to establish a new umbrella company called Alphabet, which houses a branch of Google and other companies.

Pichai early career began in 2004, Pichai joined Google as VP of product management, where he led the team that works on any browser and operating system Google Chrome. After that, in September 2008, Pichai overseeing the successful launch of the Chrome web browser, and less than one year later, the Chrome operating system for web-based netbooks and desktop computers.

A year later, Pichai assigned to Android after the creator and CEO of Android Andy Rubin resigned in March 2013. Several achievements Pichai has been successfully made to sit in the position of CEO of Alphabet today.