Android OS so today’s most popular operating system compared to Windows OS

Android claimed to be the most popular operating system in the world. The information revealed from the data reported by the StatCounter data and research institutes summarizing data on the newest mobile and desktop operating systems.

Interestingly, Android conquer that previously occupied the Microsoft Windows operating system most widely used by people.

It’s the first time Windows fallen from the top ranking. According to StatCounter, the data indicate a change massive internet consumption experienced by users of desktop PCs to mobile devices.

This is a new milestone in the realm of technology, stating that Windows has become the most mainstream operating systems of the 1980s. And now, the position achieved by Android.

The data also shows the operating system market share globally from March 2012 to March 2017. Android pocketed 37.93 percent, while Windows scooped 37.91 percent share.

Factors increasing the adoption of the Android operating system is also due to the growth of smartphone penetration in developing countries. However, Windows still ‘rule’ North American and European markets.

Windows actually already have a strategy for reaching the mobile market with Windows Phone operating system. Unfortunately, Windows Phone’s market share continued to decline.

In fact, Windows Phone only sold 5.8 million units worldwide. This number declined considerably from the previous year to reach 9 million units.

Application microsoft translator can translate any text in the image

Microsoft released an update for Microsoft Translator app for Android. Now the translator application that allows users to translate the article in the photo.

“With the features in the photo interpreter Translator app on Android, users no longer need to type the words in the photos, the book menu and flyer to translate,” Microsoft said.

Features interpreter previous word in this picture is already present on the device Translator app on iOS in February. Through the presence of this feature, the translator belongs to Microsoft more competitive with Google Translate.

Even so, the features translator text on this image will be used to translate the Chinese character (hanzi) simple, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese , Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Now various language packages are also available for offline translation, but it relies on artificial intelligence Microsoft, Deep Mind.

The app update also enables Android devices and Android Marshmallow N to translate the text in any application without having to switch applications.

“If you find a phrase foreign languages need translation, highlight, and go to ‘Other Option’ located at point three after the Cut, Copy, and Share. Then, select the ‘Translator’ and you can transliterate into more than 50 languages,” said Microsoft teams.

Hacker also admit if Windows Phone is the most secure OS

Microsoft’s OS was never claimed by Microsoft itself if the OS they are the safest. In fact, the hackers also acknowledges that.

White hat hackers, Steve Lord said that if Windows Phone is the most secure OS over 15 years of experience. It is put forward when asked matter which OS is most vulnerable infiltrated.

“All have advantages and disadvantages. Currently Windows Phone is the hardest. Blackberry also has a long history focused on security. If you have physical access to the device, I find Android is the target of the easiest. Then the iPhone, then the old Blackberry. However, if attacked through the network, Android so soft targets, “he quoted from

Security systems for older Windows Phone device is also recognized by Steve Lord. He recommended if older Windows Phone device is also not an easy thing to be attacked. He even recommends two sets of parents who belong to the safest namely BB10 Blackberry and Windows Phone devices running OS Windows 8 or later.

Although current devices with Windows Phone OS is not very popular, but you can consider the security side to have and choose a device.

Office Update, integration with Skype more Perfect

Microsoft finally detailing the list of updates (changelog) Office applications for the month of October. In the changelog, Microsoft includes a number of new features designed for users of Office both online and offline.

One new feature that is quite striking is the integration between Office and Skype. The integration of voice and video calls from Skype to Office new this time is the excess of the previous.

The number of applications in Office that is integrated with Skype this time more. They are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Online, and This integration allows users of Office to talk with fellow Skype directly in the Office applications.

According to Microsoft, the update this time will create a more natural experience and collaboration between business writing (document) and conversation. Microsoft claims that the instant messaging history itself was born and is closely related to writing a document.

For additional information, integration between Office (2016) and Skype has rolled out Microsoft since September last. Integration time is the early stages, while the integration time is a ‘new level’ which claimed far more perfect.

Officially, the Office which has better integrated with Skype will start rolling globally in November. This update itself will be available on the official website of Microsoft and Skype, as well as within the Skype application

Microsoft 10 Mobile Will be Equipped With The Best Google Apps

The news circulating about the unfavorable relationship between Microsoft and Google has long circulated. However, bank on the fact that ultimately refuted by the news that the technology giant was reportedly harmonious relationships in the field of application. Google has scheduled to support Windows 10 Mobile to deliver the best Google applications for Microsoft’s new mobile OS’s.

According to the plan, both Lumia smartphones from Microsoft will be crammed with popular applications owned by Google. As we know, long led by the new CEO, Microsoft is working hard to bring good applications for the Android operating system. Either might as reciprocity, Google is preparing a plan that belongs to Google applications can be run on Windows 10 Mobile.

Reportedly, a popular complication such as YouTube, Hangout, Google Voice, and other applications will appear in the Windows Store. Microsoft itself is also rumored to have signed a contract with the Android device vendors such as Samsung, Sony and Asus to be willing unity brings cross-platform applications.

As reported by Phone Arena, news about Microsoft is lately spreads, especially with plans to bring two of their flagship smartphone the Lumia 950 and XL 950 will be present to bring the OS Windows 10 Mobile. Whether true or not the application will Google be present at the latest Lumia, which obviously we have to wait until Microsoft held a launch event and reveal further details.

Windows 10 Can Download Large Files Up to 6GB? This proof

The launch of a new operating system is Windows 10 from Microsoft indeed reap much success. In addition to bringing a better updates and service upgrades for free, making more and more users of Windows 10 are now the number of users touch the figure of millions of users around the world. But there is something that may not be realized by users of Windows 10.

When you activate the auto download feature on your Windows 10 operating system, the Windows device 10 will download a file of 3,5GB up to 6GB. Windows 10 to download a file of the unnoticed and may not be realized by the user, of course this can take a lot of data if users of Windows 10 using the internet data is limited.

As reported by the Trustedreviews, saying that such incident was first reported by the website Theinquirer, which revealed that one of the users of Windows 10 has a direct, in which the Windows 10 owned by 3,5GB download files up to 6GB in a hidden folder that beranama ‘ $ Windows. ~ BT ‘.

“I think Microsoft says that this is an ‘upgrade’ optional. If this is an optional upgrade that choice, why it is encouraged for so many computers where it is not desired by the user, and why the upgrade was trying to install on your Windows 10 repeatedly while boot-up? “Said one of the users of Windows 10 who experience this event.

Add from the user, unwanted downloads can meet the storage space on your Windows 10, especially for users who have a slow Internet connection can take a week to complete the download process before the end of this problem was realized by the user. Not only menguduh jumbo-sized files, every time Windows 10 is turned on, the system will try to install the update.

To respond to this, Microsoft said “We assist device that can be upgraded to Windows 10 and help provide the files required by the device when it has been upgraded to Windows 10. The” Microsoft also added, the system will install the file when all files have been ready.

Windows 10 users may want automatic updates to small changes in the software of Windows 10, but Microsoft should not assume that all customers want a new software version that can take the storage space on their perangakat.

Microsoft Patented Smart Glasses Emotion Detector

Microsoft managed to get a patent for smart glasses which can be used to detect emotions. American software company is known to have filed a patent smart glasses that emotion detection since 2012.

Microsoft’s patent for smart glasses named “a wearable emotion detection feedback system” was approved by the patent office in the United States. “Microsoft regularly received a patent as part of business practice, not all patents filed or received will be incorporated into Microsoft products,” said a Microsoft spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft smart glasses will be able to analyze individual or group without the knowledge of the person concerned. Sensors on wearable devices that can measure a subject’s body temperature changes or take audio information.

Sensors on Microsoft smart glasses in the form of a camera and microphone mounted on the frame barrier function of the nose and take audio and visual information of the subject. The sensor is able to detect specific things like the subtle variations in the rhythm of speech and amplitude, choice of words, type, speed of movement, as well as the focus of the eyes and body posture.

All such information will be processed by Microsoft’s database and then delivered to the user. Determination of the emotional situation of people who were subjected to be delivered back to the user through the lens.

Still according to the patent, a person’s emotions are detected through microsoft smart glasses can be viewed from different gesture performed by the subject.

“For example, if a subject to play with her hair when she was dating and behavior indicate friendliness or interest, but a different meaning if similar behavior occurs in a situation of business meetings, indicating boredom,” wrote the patent.