Ransomware: A Complex Threat for Cyber Security Professionals

In societies today where there are development and advancement, there also are those opposed to progress who seek to destroy growth and gratify themselves at all costs. So it is in today’s digital world. Hackers and cyber criminals have developed a variety of harmful techniques to invade and take control of all manner of digital information. There are several main threats currently, but one of the most dangerous—and dramatic—of these is the rise of complex ransomware.

Ransomware Basics

Ransomware is, as the name implies, a specific type of malware that attackers use to encrypt data, lock systems, or lock files until victims make a demanded payment. Some types of this malware may install and lock pornography onto victims’ screens, while others add time pressure by telling victims a piece of data will be destroyed every 30 minutes until they make payment. Sometimes cyber criminals ask for minimal payments in widespread spam-based strikes, but they also target executives and others in positions of authority through laser-precise spear phishing attacks.

Protection From Ransomware

A professional line of defense against ransomware is called cyber security. It is a grouping of processes, techniques, and practices developed and used to protect digital networks, computers, programs, and information from unauthorized entry, attack, and damage or destruction.  The need for professionals in this field is growing quickly because even as new digital advancements are made, cyber criminals are developing new ways to attack and exploit them.

Experts in cyber security need a strong understanding in a number of different areas to effectively strike back against ransomware and maintain the integrity of digital networks and data. Topics may include insights into the current security environment, as it changes quite quickly; cyber criminal mentality and methods; and the most common digital targets. Cyber security professionals must also be proactive and look ahead as they can, since attacks are sudden and intricate.

The Rise of the Cyber Security Professional

As the likelihood of ransomware threats rises, cyber security professionals are in demand in numerous industries ranging from business to computer security firms to the highest levels of government. A number of educational programs for those wishing to enter this dynamic, expanding field are now in place. Cyber security studies include bachelor and master degrees as well as high-level certificates. The field’s dynamic growth and the potential for a large salary attract many to this industry. Review this infographic to better understand what cyber security education can do for career advancement.

Demand for Cyber Security

As ransomware grows more complex, and as cyber criminals become bolder, more advanced, greedier, and more malicious, demand for trained cyber security professionals is rising in all fields and areas of society. Ransomware, though it is popular and has proved lucrative for cyber criminals, is only one in an army of growing threats posed to digital systems and data. Opportunities abound for would-be cyber security experts. Cyber security professionals, through solid educational programs, are trained to provide defense now against cyber attacks as well as plan for future prevention of cyber crime.

Ransomware is the modern method of kidnapping. With it, attackers encrypt and lock data and programs until victims meet payment demands. Cyber security professionals work to combat cyber crime from ransomware and also other types of attacks. The demand for these experts will only grow in the foreseeable future.

6 Tips to Protect Smartphone from Hackers

Smartphones have become essential tools in everyday life. The average person spends more than four hours using a smartphone each day. In fact, the thought of missing smartphone alone is enough to make us nervous.

Reports indicate that more than 40 smartphones are stolen every day in the streets, most never returned. So, what can be done? It is time for you to secure your smartphone to keep it safe from thieves (in case your phone is lost / stolen) and also safe from cyber attacks.

Here are 6 tips to protect smartphone to keep it safe from hackers.

1. Encryption

Android lets you encrypt all the data on the device. You should install setting a password or PIN every time the device is switched on. It looks complicated, but if the smartphone falls into the wrong hands, there’s no way to access the data without a password or PIN.

2. Lock the screen automatically

Automatic screen lock allows you to maintain the device by using a pattern, PIN or password. The keys can be activated via the device’s security settings. The device can be set to lock automatically after a certain period of time or by pressing the power button.

3. Don’t use unfamiliar Wi-Fi

Do not use a Wi-Fi network are unknown source. Instead, use packet data provided from the mobile operators. Cost of data packets may be high, but at least you are safer to use your own network rather than Wi-fi is not safe, especially if you are quite often perform banking transactions.

4. Source applications

Official app stores like Google Play and the App Store verification and scanning of applications. There you can access and download any application securely. Do not download applications from unknown links.

5. Install Antivirus

If you often search websites and download content from the Internet to a smartphone, we recommend you install an antivirus on your smartphone. There are many free Antivirus like AVG Free and Avast. But there is no harm in also for a small charge and buy the pay-as Norton Antivirus or Kaspersky.

6. Update software

Always try the software on your smartphone is always updated. In many cases, the release of software updates caused the company or app makers have found security flaws.

5 Tips Smart Buy Smartphone Used Good Quality

There are many reasons people choose to buy a used smartphone. One of them is to meet the needs of communication with the second mobile phone in a special environment, such as a job.

Another reason that also makes a person choose a used smartphone is famous branded mobile experience to feel at a more affordable price. However, regardless of the reason, buying a used smartphone still need consideration.

To that end, here are some considerations for purchasing a used smartphone with a quality that is not far short of expectations.

1. Buy from people you know charmingly

If you want to buy a used smartphone, try looking through the closest acquaintances first. In this way, the possibility of being lied certainly smaller than buy from others in buying and selling sites. Do not forget to negotiate the price.

2. Check the completeness of smartphones including warranties

Always remember to ensure completeness of smartphones purchased. In addition to phones, other equipment such as a USB cable, charger (make sure the original), headset, and other goods.

Another thing to note is the card and the remaining warranty period.

3. Research the market price

Price research is important in order not to feel the costliness when buying a used smartphone. Not only the new version, the price range for a used smartphone can also be obtained from various sites selling.

4. Check the signal and WiFi

Before buying, make sure the signal receiver component in the life of the smartphone. Avoid loss of signal conditions, while in the area that actually has a good condition. In addition to the signal, features WiFi and Bluetooth are also certainly able to walk well.

5. Check the performance of a wide range of smartphone features

Do not hesitate to tamper with the smartphone features that will be purchased. Keypad, battery, speaker, and microphone as well as other functions should be ensured to run smoothly. Try also to make or receive calls.

Application microsoft translator can translate any text in the image

Microsoft released an update for Microsoft Translator app for Android. Now the translator application that allows users to translate the article in the photo.

“With the features in the photo interpreter Translator app on Android, users no longer need to type the words in the photos, the book menu and flyer to translate,” Microsoft said.

Features interpreter previous word in this picture is already present on the device Translator app on iOS in February. Through the presence of this feature, the translator belongs to Microsoft more competitive with Google Translate.

Even so, the features translator text on this image will be used to translate the Chinese character (hanzi) simple, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese , Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Now various language packages are also available for offline translation, but it relies on artificial intelligence Microsoft, Deep Mind.

The app update also enables Android devices and Android Marshmallow N to translate the text in any application without having to switch applications.

“If you find a phrase foreign languages need translation, highlight, and go to ‘Other Option’ located at point three after the Cut, Copy, and Share. Then, select the ‘Translator’ and you can transliterate into more than 50 languages,” said Microsoft teams.

Tips on Choosing a Gadget by Zodiac

In an age of fast-paced as it is now, of course, all those gadgets need to support daily activities. It is undeniable that the gadgets can make your life easier and more interesting.

But of course, choose the gadget should not be indiscriminate. You must determine whether the gadget will take home useful or not? And most important should be in accordance with the contents of the bag.

Confused gadget you want to buy what suits you? Perhaps, astrology can determine the most appropriate gadget based on your astrological sign!


Someone with Aries zodiac known to be very ambitious so they need a device that could manage all its activities. The best gadget is the iPhone that will help them do more things at once.


Taurus born with a personal love cooking. The device is ideal for those blender, juicer and mixer. They also love children, so the ice cream machine also could be an option.


Gemini is always moving, very communicative, and artistic. The tablet device can help them to develop its artistic talent or music related gadget is very important to them.


They love the convenience and likes to clean the house. Vacuum cleaner can help them to keep the house clean. Cancer also likes to watch television programs, making the device suitable for their TV.


Leo likes to be the center of attention. They need gadgets that will make them stand out, such as complementary gadget for the car or the latest devices for cooling wine.


A person with the zodiac Virgo are generally very practical, which is very like the cleanliness and the hobby of reading books. Therefore, the perfect gadget for them is a PDF reader, portable reader that can be carried wherever they go.


Libra is very artistic and loves everything related to art. A digital photo frame would be the ideal gadget for them. Tables with digital pen is also suitable for them to create an image in Photoshop.


Scorpio likes gadgets related to surveillance. They like the small gadgets, such as portable cameras and mini tape recorder, which can be stored in a pocket and meeting their needs to quietly survey the existing activities in the vicinity.


They loved the activities of travel. So, GPS devices, pedometer or digital compass is their dream gadget.


Not only Cancer and Virgo, Capricorn also likes to clean house. So, they like gadgets to help them clean the house efficiently. If you want to give a gift to Capricorn, give them an aromatherapy device.


Aquarius likes the sounds futuristic. Computer pen latest release allows them to draw, write or make any graffiti on a tablet and then transcribed directly to the mainframe.


A person with the zodiac Pisces like a natural thing, so it is ideal for those gadgets are portable electric grill. This device allows them to barbecues late in the room.

What is meaning of letter “i” from the iPhone?

iPhone is one of Apple’s brand is the most recognizable. Only by remembering the word iPhone, it is definitely the terbesit in mind is Apple, a company based in Cupertino are working on the smartphone.

Apparently, calibaration calibaration, Apple store special meaning why they label the letter “i” in iPhone. Founder of Apple, SteveJobs, has a fascinating story about the philosophical meaning of the letter “i”.

The letter “i” was first sparked when Apple introduced the smart PC, the iMac in 1998.

Jobs said, the emergence of the letter “i” in iMac marks an era in which computers become a top priority for its users.

“Consumers want what they want with Apple computers, the Internet. Therefore, we think the internet is becoming an important representation for our products,” said Jobs.

Indeed, initially the letter “i” to the Internet is becoming a powerful branding for Apple products. As time went by before the iPhone launch, Jobs decided to keep using Apple products with a pin frills letter “i”.

We still use the “i” in iPhone. However, it means not only to the Internet, can be for individual, instruct (ruled), inform (inform), inspire (menginsipirasikan), and even the “i” can be a “we”

Since then, the letter “i” began to be used not only for Apple products. Software made by Apple was also overhauled its name, call it iTools, iMessage, and much more.

Claimed Safe, Fingerprint Technology Turns Vulnerable Hacker

Almost all flagship smartphone is equipped with advanced features fingerprint scanner. The vendor claims that the biometric sensor improves the user experience and security of mobile devices. But is it true?

The proof, capacitive scanner older models is hard to recognize fingerprints were wet, and in most cases often do not work on the first attempt.

So, if your hands sweat during the summer or after exercise, your smartphone will most likely not work because it does not recognize your fingerprint.

Kaspersky Lab says that the scars, scratches, and other skin defects also lowers the quality of the scan. In addition, there are still many sensors that can not distinguish between a genuine finger by finger prints, and this is a very big gap in terms of security.

Some of these issues may be resolved when Qualcomm launches ultrasonic sensor, which uses ultrasound to scan a 3D image of a finger.

The sensor will not be fooled by the printout of the finger. In addition, the new ultrasonic sensor will still work even if your fingers are dirty or wet. Yet another threat is still there.

The new technology is always vulnerable because of relatively new. Not enough just to bring the latest innovations, new technology should be implemented in a safe manner because not all vendors are able to do that.

And even if they were able to overcome these problems, they certainly would not do for one version. For additional information, in August 2015, a new way to steal a fingerprint found remotely and on a large scale.

In addition, most smartphones have a sensor that is not encrypted, allowing malware to get a direct image of a fingerprint scanner. Interestingly, Apple’s smartphone is quite safe, since they encrypt the fingerprint data from the scanner.

Some vendors there also are using ARM TrustZone technology to protect the data on their devices. This technology works with fingerprint images that are in the “world” special virtual, which can not be accessed by the main OS.

As a result, important data (such as fingerprints) can not be leaked and used by third party applications. Unfortunately, depending on the model of implementation, this technology can also be flawed.

This year, the researchers show how easy it is to steal a fingerprint from a distance, even without face-to-face contact. Hackers can do so simply by photographing the finger of the victim.

SLR camera with a good zoom lens or even a magazine photo printed in high resolution is sufficient. For information, the same method can also be used to fabricate the iris.