Five Best Android Applications Web Browser

The need for fast web browser is mandatory that exist in our smartphones, not to mention smartphones with Android operating system. As is known, a variety of web browser applications competing to provide services offer the best features for its users.

Web Browser needed once by smartphone Android in browsing the internet world. So what are the web browser application which is roughly the best choice of the smartphone users with Android operating system. Here’s his review:

1. UC Browser, UC Browser is known advantages is situated on the features of a download manager similar to IDM and browsing too fast. The browser is also lighter and has the speed to download.

2. Firefox Browser For Android, the browser that is familiar because it is widely used by the PC, synchronization features available with PC browsers and many add on extras. There is a feature that can save as PDF allows users to save web pages in PDF format.

3. Opera Browser for Android and Opera Mini, the browser application that is already known and its use is not heavy and light. These applications are often used for free.

4. Chrome browser, the Android browser is the best because it has been installed by more than 18 million users of Android. Many full features that can give us ease to browsing the internet world, for example swipe navigation, unlimited tabs, solid and stable, integrity with Google services.

5. Dolphin Browser for Android, android browser this allows us to be able to flash, as it comes with android browser flash player. Another advantage is that it can download more than 300 titles of papers and Internet access is also fast.

Spying on WhatsApp Becomes Easier than Ever

WhatsApp has made quite a name for itself as its being used worldwide. It is a go to instant messaging platform for a lot of people and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping it from greatness. Due to its rapid growth, it has become a platform for cheaters where they easily and secretly exchange messages. Previously, there was no way to catch them red-handed, but now with the help of WhatsApp spy app, you can investigate the truth. The benefits are not merely restricted to people in relationships. These spy apps also help parents in keeping an eye on who their young ones are interacting with and just what kind of discussions they’re having.

Information at your Fingertips

With the help of a WhatsApp spy app, you will be able to keep tabs on each and every activity being performed. For example, if you are a parent who has installed this spy app on your children’s phone, then you will get to know who they are talking to, what they are talking about, what kind of language they are using, etc. People who are in relationship will also find spy apps to be quite helpful as they will be able to keep check on their partner’s fidelity with ease. You will also be able to see what kind of conversation they are having, who they are talking to, who’s added in their list, etc.

See Conversations

You can easily judge a relationship between two people by the way they are talking to each other. Now people prefer to talk via WhatsApp and spy apps provide you with tools to monitor it. You can see every conversation that has occurred on your targeted WhatsApp number, and even if you are unable to do it on regular basis, all of the conversations will keep on getting archived until you have read them. If you are a parent looking out for your kids, then the spy app will help you see what kind of people they are talking to, what kind of stuff they are talking about, what their intentions are, etc. On the other hand, if you are spying on your partner, then you will be able to know if they are talking to someone else behind your back.

Remote Monitoring

There is no way someone will just give you access to their smartphones, so the only way to spy on them is through remote monitoring. Almost every single monitoring app available nowadays allows you to remotely monitor each and everything happening on your target’s phone without having access to it. However, you will need to get your hands on the target’s phone at least once so that you can install the spy app. After that you can rest easy as all the information you need will provided to you on your own device anywhere and at any time. Remote monitoring makes things a whole lot easier as you are able to monitor WhatsApp activity of the other person without much hassle.

Tips Saving Using Data Services

Data service is now a requirement when communicating. Moreover, supported by the smartphone, where the application requires more data packets.

However, sometimes users often complain of wasteful data services using the data, but the user does not use it too often, especially in the post-paid data package. Therefore, users should impose limits and alerts to monitor data usage.

Here are tips to reduce data usage on Android and iOS, as reported by YahooTech.

Set Data Alert and Limits

On iPhone devices running on top of iOS 7, you can check data usage by going to Settings> Cellular, and look down Cellular Data Usage. The thing to remember is to reset the tracker at the beginning of each month.

As for Android devices, on Android devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android, you can check data usage and provide alerts by going to the Settings and under Wireless & Networks in Data Usage tap, and then set the mobile set limits.

Use WiFi

To reduce your smartphone data usage, it is advisable to switch to a WiFi network connection, so it can make savings on mobile data use. The trick was simple, just by pressing WiFi in the settings menu, and activate the WiFi connection.

Limit Background Data

One cause wasteful batteries can occur because the background synchronization, such as FaceBook requested update. To fix this, users can just reduce the frequency push notification, or set the application to update manually.

Changing Browser

How to reduce the other data that is to only use the mobile version of a website. Not only that, users also should avoid deleting internet cache. By keeping the cache, users do not need to download images from websites that are frequented every time you visit it.

Three New Features Apple Results Stolen from Microsoft & Google

As in previous years, Apple uses its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote to announce new features and services for the device. The event which was held some time ago, bringing new innovations Apple.

However, functionality and innovative features for Apple sometimes be old news for some users of Microsoft products and Google. Apple even touted able to adopt some of the features of Google, Microsoft, even himself.

Here are three new features Apple loot from Microsoft and Google.

Public Transit Information: Google Maps

Four new features Apple is stolen from Microsoft and Google first is the Public Transit Information. Google Maps is a leading mapping software, and one of the reasons to keep using the software is Google Maps offers public transit information.

Apple announced the Public Transit Information to support the Apple Maps app a bit problematic.

Multitasking Tablet: Microsoft Surface

9 on iPad iOS demo shows application functions, and functions similar to those in Microsoft Surface. Windows 8 has had the ability that has been announced Apple, especially in Windows 10, allowing opening and merize Windows applications.

Picture in Picture Video

Apple also showed a video picture in picture window for iPad. Such a feature is fairly impressive, but that ability appears to take the concept of the smartphone and tablet Samsung Galaxy Note.

Three Features Amazing in Smartphone

Smartphone is now equipped with various advanced and useful features inherent in it. Call it a camera, navigation devices, instant messaging, and many others. The more time passes, the technology evolved and the smartphone will have many more amazing features in it.

Here are three amazing features that may be present in a smartphone in the near future.


Spectrometer is an instrument that is often used for teaching physics, chemistry, and are also used for research in biology. Spectrometer is used to analyze a chemical objects.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found a way to incorporate technology into smartphones spectrometer. In a smartphone, the spectrometer can give users an easy and accurate way to detect skin condition, track the vital signs of a person or identifying environmental pollutants. It can also give users a way to find out what is in food or medicines they are.

GPS Truly Accurate

GPS features may already commonly found in a smartphone, but the GPS technology developed by the University of Texas is claimed to be different. GPS technology makes it possible to identify the position accurately to within centimeters by using the sensor’s antenna is located in the smartphone.

This GPS technology will be synchronized with the camera on a smartphone so as to map the environment in 3-D format, as well as the increasing sophistication of virtual reality technology. Specifications geolocation in GPS also makes the motorist will not collide with other vehicles on the road.

Gas Sensor

The latest wireless sensor is developed MIT capable of detecting harmful gases, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, cyclohexanone, and other harmful gases. The gas detection sensor will make the smartphone is able to read and measure chemical explosives or dangerous environmental pollutants. Chemical readings of the smartphone can be combined with geolocation data to track and map out dangerous areas.

A Hacker Change Android OS on Asus Zenfone 2 With Windows 7

A member of the XDA-Developers, Yua Ca Van, claiming to successfully install the Windows 7 operating system on smart phones Asus Zenfone 2. As proof, Yua Ca Van record it in a video that was uploaded in the forum.

As quoted from page XDA-Developers Yua Ca Van admitted he was able to change the operating system on Asus Zenfone 2. If previously existing OS on the phone is Android, Yua Ca Van has been replaced with the Windows OS.

In a posting on the XDA-Developers forum, the account claims that he has successfully changed the Android operating system in Zenfone 2 into a Windows-based OS.

In fact, in the post that accompanied the video also reveals the steps to install Windows 7 on Asus Zenfone two devices based on Android. The same can be done to replace the Android OS into Windows 7 and 8.

Yua Ca Van recognize that in replacing the operating system, the user must first open smartphone bootloader and partition the Micro SD memory. Additionally, running a terminal command suite can then install the new Windows system as usual.

Google Use the Robot For Android Speed ​​Test

Since the beginning of the creation of Android, there are concerns that the platform is experiencing congestion during use. Process to check whether the operating system is jammed during use, when to do it manually.

They affect different parts of the screen, from the home page to the inside to see if Android jammed. Now, even if Android handset on the market with more powerful hardware and software constantly updated, no complaints about the screen remain stalled during use.

According to François Beaufort from Google, now the company uses a robot made by the Finnish company, OptoFidelity to check for hidden problems in equipment using Android and Chrome OS.

In a video posted on the Google+ page Beaufort, looking robot that continuously touch the screen to know the response of the gadget.

Hardware and software problems could be the cause of the problems detected by the robot. And while there are some bottlenecks that sometimes occur, the longer the current platform used.

And in the future, all these bottlenecks will be removed from the Android Market. OptoFidelity machine like this will be a reason for optimism Google.