Gorilla Glass 4 Claimed unBreakable

Corning Gorilla Glass newly released 4 new series display systems are widely used in smartphones and tablets famous. Gorilla Glass 4 claimed to be more resistant to fall and shatterproof.

Every year, Corning has always said his latest display stronger and more durable. Last year, called resistant Gorilla Glass 3 damaged. But in fact, Gorilla Glass display 3 can still be cracked.

gorilla glass

“We have the best glass, I’m sure of it. But it was not enough. So we make it better,” said Marketing Director Dave Velasquez Gorilla Glass.

Well, with Gorilla Glass 4, Corning seeks to focus on threatened number one gadget that can happen, the risk of falling. Corning claims, Gorilla Glass 4 have examined hundreds of times.

Scientists at Corning Gorilla Glass accidentally dropped 4 and other displays that become competitors from a height of 1 meter.

Gorilla Glass Corning 4 will expand its dominance in the business sturdy display. Last year alone, Corning controls about 80% of this market. Gorilla Glass is currently used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and dozens of other smartphones and tablets made by LG, HTC, Motorola and Microsoft.

Play Candy Crush Saga, Applications Free Games For Android

Game Candy Crush Saga is very popular, many users this game even until today is still much in demand by users of smartphones. This puzzle game can already be used on Android, iOS and can already be used on Windows Phone. Candy Crush Saga game can be downloaded for free. Puzzle game has many kinds of models available on Android, but the game Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games, therefore, on this occasion I will share about the game Candy Crush Saga.

Candy-Crush-Saga games

Game Candy Crush Saga is so challenging because each level the player must be able to resolve these challenges in order to level up. Game Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle casual games manifold, when playing this game in poor precision and accuracy by the players. The game is synonymous with candy, the level must be faithful candy though in different shapes and colors – colors. This makes the activity becomes more exciting game play and colorful.

At the beginning of the game, the game Candy Crush Saga is very easy but increasing the level, challenge that must be faced by the players is increasing as well. This is what makes the game more exciting Candy Crush Saga and many more curious players addicted to the same end game Candy Crush Saga to go to the next level.

He cried again game Candy Crush Saga can be connected with your account. Although not connectable to a facebook account, Candy Crush Saga game can still be played. But it would be more exciting if we play with friends on facebook us, so we will be more enthusiasm for our opponents. Although the make-added spirit but do not forget the time za..main game Candy Crush Saga continues

Create the lovers of the game Candy Crush Saga I will give a little information or to say trick while playing the game Candy Crush Saga.

Tips and Tricks Play Candy Crush Saga

Create Many Combo

While playing the game Candy Crush Saga should not rush but use tricks. One candy have been less able to resolve GAMES. So better make a combo of five rows of candy, then combine it with candy striped let get maximum results.

This combination will make you earn points faster while playing the game Candy Crush Saga. The combination of these combinations will destroy candies are in addition to the right, left, top and bottom combination.

Focus To Move Vertical

The trick is to face game Candy Crush Saga at current levels there are fruits. At this level the player has to bring a challenge to the basic fruit candy, and therefore very suitable trick moves vertically.

Use sparingly In Lollipops

Lollipops are our lives remedy play in game Candy Crush Saga. To play the game Candy Crush Saga players Hars lollipop saving, because even though the game is free if lollipop we run out, we have to buy it if it was not so we had to wait until the game Candy Crush Saga is back to normal and can be played again.

Do not Ignore Help

While playing the game Candy Crush Saga, but we were not able or can be said to have stuck, but do not use the help of a flashing candy, because it is one that will plunge the player.

Similarly, information and tricks that I can say about Play Candy Crush Saga, Free Games For Android Application. Those who do not have a thrilling game Candy Crush Saga, let’s get in the smartphone game download now. Game Candy Crush Saga is not just Android remedy alone, now can download by iOS and Windows Phone. Hopefully Game Candy Crush Saga information useful.

Samsung Opens Mobile Metal Galaxy Alpha

After a busy discussed in various media, Samsung finally officially launched the Galaxy Alpha, cell phone made from metal.

According to Samsung, the phone will be available in the market in early September 2014. The Galaxy Alpha is available in five colors: black, white, gold, silver, and blue, depending on the state the mobile phone market.

In terms of offal, Galaxy Alpha powered by octa-core Exynos processor with 4 cores speed of 1.8 GHz, and the remaining four core speed of 1.3 GHz. The screen uses Super AMOLED panel of 4.7 inches with a resolution of 720p.

2 GB RAM with 32 GB of storage, 12-megapixel rear camera, and a 1,860 mAh battery. The operating system Android 4.4.4 Kitkat with TouchWiz personalization. Its features include Ultra-Power Saving Mode, S Health, fingerprint scanner, and the Private Mode.

Samsung also posted a teaser video of the Galaxy Alpha is on YouTube. Here’s the video.

Google: Android, OS successful Throughout History

It is undeniable that Android is an operating system that dominate the market today. With a positive note, Google also claimed as the most successful OS in history.

os evolution android

“I think Android is the fastest and most successful in the world in the history of the operating system,” said Nikesh Arora, Google’s Senior Vice President.

“There is no one who can predict the adoption of the operating system in the industry, because many different OEMs, and a lot of manufacturing, and manufacturing different around the world,” he added.

All reports is agreed, that the current iOS and Android chase each other in terms of number of users.

Even in 2012, Android and iOS shot 10 times faster than the PC when compared with PC penetration in fact continued to slow.

At the end of 2012 alone, Android’s market share has reached 53.4%. While iOS with the same range can shot up to 34.3%.

COS, Android & iOS Competitors from China

Rumors are saying China is developing a mobile operating system finally proved. Bamboo Curtain country recently announced COS, Chinese Operating System.

Interestingly, the Chinese statement claiming that the operating system thrusting better security compared to Android and iOS.

china operating system

“Open source operating system that is no pose a security risk, and foreign-made systems difficulty adapting in China (with different languages), a problem that is fixed in COS,” wrote the Chinese Academy of Sciences in one of his articles as reported by the Times.

But it became a hot conversation is looks very thick feel of Android. Although the Chinese government declared COS was built from scratch by the selected team, a number of analysts also called COS is actually a modified heavy Android. Even in the website Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-his, COS often quipped.

Name is Copy Other System. It is not open source, they (the development team COS-ed) certainly afraid that others will eventually see that the source code is the same as Android, wrote byxu, one user of Sina Weibo.

Contek action performed COS also seemed increasingly strengthened through a video demo. Inside COS run on HTC Butterfly S which is actually an Android phone. So needless to say profound adjustments to enable it.

Even so, as quoted from Ars Technica, Thursday (01/23/2014), mobile operators China Mobile and China Telecom is reportedly testing the device operating system COS.

How to Choose a Good Power Bank

Smartphone needs continue to rise across the lining people. The proliferation of smartphones will need POWERBANK also continue to increase. Given smartphones require greater power consumption than a normal mobile phone. This is caused by many factors into itself such excess smartphone data package is always lit, wide screen, many active applications have features that need more power consumption and many more. For it was created POWERBANK as power backup storage that can be taken anywhere.

powerbank tips

Power bank is one of the important equipment and are often taken by people who have a sophisticated gadget or smartphone. When viewed from the model type, POWERBANK itself also has some kind of different models with varying prices. By looking at the many different types of models POWERBANK, we can try to be able to read the information tips on choosing the type of power bank.

Tips for Choosing a Good POWERBANK

1. Capacity Power Bank and How Kali Charge

The first step we need to do before buying a power bank is a first look at the existing power capacity of POWERBANK. This is important so that we can perform the charging energy maximum. Capacity power bank capacity varies from low, medium to large capacity. Capacity power bank is sometimes not the same as the real power capacity of banks listed on the label. The best way is to buy quality POWERBANK from leading manufacturers such as Samsung or others. Because quality POWERBANK almost has a capacity corresponding label.

Power banks in general have different capacities with the label. If the calculated power bank which has a capacity of 5600 mAh which is used to charge the battery capacity of 2100 mAh, the power of the banks will be able to fill up to the brim 3x charger. While in general there is only capable POWERBANK fully charge up to 2x or 1x only. Quality POWERBANK usually have real power close to 100% of the label.

2. Saw Accessories Completeness of Power Bank

The second step is that we need to consider is to choose completeness of accessories available from the power bank. The most important thing is that we can try to first see if there are any indicator lights, connectors, cable A / C as well as the original battery. We can try to be able to see beforehand existing fittings before we buy power bank.

3. Viewing Features of Power Bank

By looking at the features of the power of banks. Another important thing we need to know is can see the power of banks in terms of features. We can try to be able to see some of the features such as high temperature, overcharging and short circuit protection.

Features POWERBANK high temperature protection function as a protective gadgets and minimize heat when the heat began to be detected when we do the charging gadgets. Features overcharging protection function as protector of the current smartphone excess power during the process of charging. Sometimes smartphone charger too long and if it is full battery charger also has not released it can cause bulging battery. Here, the role overcharging protection features work that will shut off the flow of power the bank to the smartphone. Short circuit protection features, these features are a boon as a safety gadgets on fire while charging for short circuit.

4. Seeing Voltage Output Power Bank

By looking at the output voltage, then we can know the voltage will be entered into our smartphones and can predict the timing of the charger. POWERBANK output voltage itself the majority having a voltage 1A or 2A. However, when charging a smartphone should use POWERBANK, use the original USB cable for the USB voltage is more stable than the original smartphone and has been adapted by the manufacturer. It is necessary also to avoid voltage fluctuation power up and down. With certain voltage will determine whether or not a smartphone longer be filled.

5. With a View Warranty (minimum 1 year)

In the market today many POWERBANK not original cheap enough price but does not guarantee its products. If you want to buy POWERBANK, make sure there is a factory authorized warranty of at least 1 year to convince us that the POWERBANK good quality. Authorized warranty is also one of the indicators that the POWERBANK original. Because the big companies such as Samsung will only give warranty on the goods factory output.

6. Seeing Price Power Bank (More Expensive Price Guarantee Quality)

You certainly do not want your expensive smartphone battery is damaged just because POWERBANK, then do heavy to buy quality POWERBANK Power bank even though the price is expensive. Make sure the original brand and its capacity is equivalent to the power of the bank. We recommend that you buy POWERBANK brands you trust and reliable store. Because gadget reliable stores also will maintain the quality of the goods it sells, including POWERBANK.

7. Watch Cell Power Bank

Most people buy POWERBANK regardless of the type of cell from POWERBANK itself. But you should also pay attention because the cell to the power of banks will influence whether or not the power of a durable power of banks. A great example is Japan Cell Cell, Samsung Cell, Cell Sanyo etc.

So little information tips and tricks in choosing POWERBANK good. Make sure you buy quality POWERBANK considering this device is needed when you are traveling far, camping or traveling that takes a long time on the trip.

Tips Accelerate Connection On Google Chrome

Smartphone usage over make the vendors and application developers to develop various innovations to improve performance and public interest in taking advantage of their products. And among which the most prominent is the Android devices. And here is one of the reviews or tips for users of Android devices connect to even more on the Google Chrome web browser.


Google Chrome does have many advantages in its facilities as the official Google’s web browser, but the constraints on this application is the speed that sometimes less stable. Most android device will be installed this application, and many users are still entrust these search engines for reasons lazy to replace it. And to improve the performance of your Google Chrome, the following tips are already in the reports of the page Android Beat.

Accelerate Connection On Google Chrome

  • Open the Google Chrome app> type “chrome: // flags / # max-tiles-for-interest-area”
  • Tap the service that has writing Tiles For Maximum Interest Areas> select number 512> press relaunch now
  • The above steps intended to replace the previous Rate RAM 64 MB to 512 MB (much larger than the default version) and also lower the frame rate.
  • Type again “chrome: // flags / # enable-new-ntp”> change the Default box to Enable> press relaunch Now
  • Restart your Google Chrome

Some of the above steps may seem very simple, but the benefits large enough for your Google Chrome browser. Thus, the means to browse the web site using your android device will run faster and more responsive, leaving the impression of Google Chrome that is synonymous with slow web browser.