WhatsApp will Have Features ‘Call via Skype’?

The presence of voice call features in WhatsApp resurfaced. The latest information says this messaging service will reportedly hold Skype provide these features.

WhatsApp As FacebookThis speculation arises from a leaked code. As quoted from Ubergizmo, Tuesday (06/01/2015), ‘Call via Skype’ mentioned will be the name of this feature.

Not many details revealed about this feature. However, based on the leaked code, features, among others, will have the function Call Mute, Call Hold, Call Back, Call me in X minutes, call back message, Call Via Skype, Call Notifications and separate screens for call logs.

Another addition, there will be a ‘Driving Mode’ in WhatsApp which is similar to the Do Not Disturb sign to tell you that you’re concentrating driving.

Leaked code matches the previously circulated photograph. As is known, the technology blog from the Netherlands, Androidworld.nl, launch a photo claimed as evidence that WhatsApp is conducting testing features halo-halo.

In the picture it is also shown that the existing voice feature of WhatsApp to connect with bluetooth, so it can be paired with accessories like earphones.

Initially, some analysts said would be a nuisance for features similar services like Skype or Line, which has a similar feature inserts. But interestingly, the leaked code WhatsApp to inform you that it took Skype.

Facebook Buy Startup Sound Readers

Facebook has just bought a company called Wit.ai which makes voice recognition technology for voice recognition aka wearable gadgets and devices to surf. I wonder what that would be made this social networking giant?

facebook social

Matter how much money is disbursed for the sake of having Wit.ai, Facebook does not mention it. Wit.ai have specialized understanding spoken words and text. Made technology startup based in Palo Alto, California, USA is already quite a lot of hundreds of applications and devices.

“Facebook has a lot of resources and talent that can help us go up to the next stage. Facebook’s mission is to connect everyone and build an amazing experience for more than 1.3 billion people. And the platform which can understand natural language is a big part of it. We think we can help, “said Wit.ai as reported by USA Today, Tuesday (01/06/2015).

Facebook also does not mention the goal buy Wit.ai. Clearly, the acquisition of new startup 18 months old is increasingly showing Facebook’s ambition to reach consumers at any gadget. Not only computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, may also wearable gadgets.

As is known, in March last year Facebook willing to spend $ 2 billion to acquire pembesut virtual reality headset Oculus VR. Facebook seems to be ready to prepare its services using voice recognition. This technology is expected to play an important role in the adoption of Internet-connected gadgets.

Facebook Status of Women Make It Fined $ 12,500

Think before posting! Facebook status too far back long tails. This time, a woman was fined 12,500 Australian dollars after slandering her former husband on Facebook.


This event began in December 2012 when Robyn Greeuw write Facebook status calling her ex-husband was a perpetrator of domestic violence.

“Finally divorced from Miro Dabrowski after 18 years of suffering from domestic violence. Now fight to get custody of a child,” reads the status Greeuw.

Apes, ex-husband to read the status and said that the allegations were not true. Dabrowski was depressed and embarrassed because the status is read by family and many friends.

Dabrowski also felt that such a status would ruin his reputation in Bunbury, where he currently works as a school teacher. He also reported the Greeuw action to the local court.

In the trial court, Greeuw admitted that what he wrote in the state is a truth. But Judge Michael Bowden, who led the trial said that Greeuw not able to show sufficient evidence.

Although Greeuw now remove that status, Judge Bowden still reward with a fine of up to AU $ 12,500 excluding taxes and court costs.

Facebook Apologizes Problem Flashback Features

Features Flashback end up did not seem to go as smooth as expected. Features dedicated to the memory of the various moments that occur during the year was in fact not pleasing to some user.

One complaint after discovering Facebook users automatically display features ‘Year in Review’, which led to bad memory with his daughter.

fb feature flashback

The application is compiled photographs of users in 2014 and add captions, ‘It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it ‘.

That’s what turns lead to a web design consultant and author Eric Meyer shocked and saddened when he saw Year in Review on his Facebook account. The reason, Meyer has just lost her daughter due to brain cancer.

For those of us who live in the shadow of the death of our loved ones, spend time in the hospital, divorced, or perhaps losing a job is one of the many crises that may not want to see again in the last year

As a result of this incident the Facebook was cast apology. Jonathan Gheller, Product Manager application Year in Review told the Washington Post when he was in the name of the company apologized if it hurt the user features.

This application is actually very good for most people, but in this case more clearly we bring sorrow to him than happiness

Make Resolutions 2015, Zuckerberg Request Help on Facebook

The new year 2015 has just arrived. Some people write the resolution of what they want to accomplish this year, as well as the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He also asked for help on the Facebook users.

mark zuckerberg“I’m all for the idea of personal challenges in the new year. As background, every year I take the challenge to expand my views and learn something about the world outside of my work on Facebook,” Zuck wrote on his official Facebook page.

Some of the challenges in previous years such as learning Chinese language, meet new people who are not working on Facebook every day, to become a vegetarian. For this year, he asked for advice on what to do.

“I actually had no idea what the next challenge, but I’m open to more ideas,” he wrote again. Each Facebook user was invited to write each proposal in the comments section.

Currently, approximately 49 thousand comments meet these postings. Some even returned by Zuckerberg if deemed interesting idea. How, you are interested in contributing ideas on Zuckerberg?

Twitter acquisition Android app maker

The team behind Cover, Popular Android lockscreen app announced that they recently acquired by Twitter. Roughly, to what Twitter creator buy this app?

Cover does not explain the details of the agreement between them, and the amount of funds disbursed Twitter to bring Cover to headquarters.


There is also described, such as what tasks will be given to his Twitter. In a blog post on the official website, cover only mentions that although acquired Twitter, their applications are still available in the Play store.

Cover yourself is one of the unique lockscreen app in the Play Store that try to exploit the flexibility of Android, to present a more contextual experience and personalized to the user. With Cover, users can access a number of applications and peek a little information directly from their screen is locked.

“Twitter, as well Cover, convinced of the potential of Android that was awesome. They had the same vision with us, the smartphone can be smarter, even more useful and more contextual. Together with Twitter, we can realize it, wrote Cover The website team they are.

It is not explained clearly, what will be done by acquiring Cover Twitter. But as is known, social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, are highly dependent on advertising revenue personalized, continue to make their services more integrated into, especially with Android devices.

Openness and flexibility of Android, making third-party applications may utilize very important parts such as the lockscreen or notification in Android to promote their services and content.

Facebook for example, last year released a Home, a kind of Android launcher with a unique user interface. Here, the user can view content and services up directly on the home screen them. Unfortunately, welcome to Facebook Home not so good.

Speculation, so Twitter can also be used to cover the same purpose as Facebook Home. By acquiring Cover, Twitter possibility would create a sort of ‘Twitter for Android launcher’ and make tweets and Twitter messages can be accessed directly on the lockscreen. According To You?

Leaking, BBM for Android can already Installed

BlackBerry is not yet officially released the BlackBerry Messenger for Android, despite that most of the users ‘green robot’ was able to install the application.

BBM for Android is yet to be had in the Google Play Store, but circulated through online forums like xda developer or Crackberry. Many members who have tasted it.

bbm android

Installation file (APK) BBM for Android is really useable. But to be able to chat with fellow users of fuel seems to be still patient.

Because, not everyone is given permission by the BlackBerry to use the application, but only a handful of people who mostly are employees of a Canadian company.

Even so, thanks to this leaked least reflected in what kind of fuel to Android later, from the interface to the features offered.

BBM for Android BlackBerry will be released on 20th September 2013. But it should be noted, not all Android devices can use the fuel. In this experiment using the OPPO Find 5 with Android Jelly Bean operating system.