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The Bartender Robot Controlled by Smartphone

The bartenders are ready for the arrival of a new rival. Do not be surprised, because the new competitor is a robot named Somabar.

Somabar is a robot bartender is on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2016.

Actually, Somabar is a kind of automatic cocktail maker that can be controlled via smartphone. Interestingly, the company Somabar said this at the event Kickstarter: “cocktail is easy, but it makes it difficult.”

Revealed, this robot has six “Pods”, consisting of a alcohol and mixers, and three-Pods on each side. To make the drink, the user should do so via a smartphone application so that the machine can work to make a cocktail in seconds.

When finished mixed, drinks will be poured like a soda machine. Then, this robot will wash machine itself with water. That way, no more scars previously mixed cocktail concoctions.

In a demonstration at CES, the use Somabar claimed to be very easy as the push button only. This robot is sold at a price range of US $ 429.