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The Benefits of Examining Abandoned Virtual Shopping Carts

Naturally, individuals who own any type of online business want to do whatever they can to boost their bottom line. Today, many owners are taking a closer look at the virtual shopping cart system on their website. When a customer wants to purchase a product, he or she clicks on the item and it ends up ‘in’ the virtual shopping cart. Most of the time, the person pays for the item and exits the website. But, sometimes customers leave items in their virtual shopping cart and exit the website without buying them. Online business owners can learn a lot from using tools like (online shopping cart software) to examine the abandoned shopping carts of customers. Consider a few examples.

Discovering the Products That Appeal to Customers

One of the most important things an online business owner can learn from a customer’s abandoned shopping cart is what types of products appeal to that person. This can help an owner to direct the right types of ads to the customer. For instance, if a customer leaves several pairs of children’s shoes in his or her virtual shopping cart, then the owner can send the person ads that feature sales on children’s shoes. This focuses an owner’s advertising efforts. Also, looking at the shopping carts of several customers can help an owner to learn which products are the most popular on the website. As a note, there are many reasons why a customer abandons a shopping cart. Online shoppers are sometimes distracted by an issue at home that takes them away during the checkout process. They may forget to return to the website later on. Or, they may lose their Internet connection and not get the chance to go through the checkout process. In short, an abandoned virtual shopping cart doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer changed his or her mind about purchasing the products.

Using Email Addresses to Entice Customers Back

Sometimes a customer may need to be reminded that he or she has left products in a shopping cart on a retail website. Some online business owners remind customers of this by sending them a great offer to entice them to return. For instance, an online business owner may send customers an offer of free shipping or take a large percentage off the items in their virtual cart. This can be an effective way to remind customers of their abandoned cart and perhaps get them to purchase more items. Getting customers to return to a retail website is a big step toward earning their loyalty.

Savvy online business owners recognize that an abandoned shopping cart doesn’t necessarily mean that a sale has been lost. They have contact information submitted by these customers which can be of great value in the future. These sales can sometimes be recovered by an owner who uses creative, convincing methods to stay on a customer’s radar.