The Best Apps for Concert Lovers

Concert apps can make heading to events a more enjoyable experience in almost any part of the show from beforehand, to during the show, to afterwards. Whether you want to find tickets, take photos, or tailgate, here are a few of the best apps to help you get the most out of the time you spend with your friends and your favorite bands.


The “go-to” app for almost everyone looking to find concerts near you, Bandsintown helps find concerts nearby based on your listening preferences. It looks at your iTunes library, your favorite Pandora stations, your Spotify plays, Facebook likes, and much more. Then, it generates a list of artists you might want to see live. The results are presented in the form of a “Concert Cloud,” letting you browse through the bands who will be coming through town soon. You can also adjust how far you’re willing to drive in order to see a show. Bandsintown is so popular and well respected that Business Insider named it one of their “Worlds Greatest Apps” in 2014, and it has almost every act and venue you can imagine. If you’re looking to get your tickets for an Ed Sheeran concert, or just about any other genre, you’ve found the place.


Parking can be a pain at concerts. ParkWhiz lets you find parking and pay for it before you get there. It connects to some 2,000 parking facilities across the US and lets you comparison shop so you can choose the best location with the best price. It’s also updated real time, so you see what’s available in the moment.

Once your parking space has been paid for, your parking spot is guaranteed. You get an electronic parking pass that gets you into the chosen garage. Bonus: the app will tell you about amenities like handicap accessibility, outside/inside parking, valet parking, RV lots, and more.

Tailgater Mobile

A tailgate manager on your mobile, this app lets you pick a time and location, invite your friends, compete with others who are tailgating, and even helps you meet up with other fans going to the concert. Tailgater Mobile acts as a one-stop place to organize your pre-concert activities; it’s particularly useful if you need to coordinate many people. The app lets you assign items that each attendee should bring and provides you with a map of where everyone should meet.


When the concert is going, Shazam will let you look up song lyrics, discographies, artist bios, and even more to help you brush up the act. If you’ve forgotten the words in your favorite song, there’s no need to be embarrassed — just pull up Shazam. It recognizes the music which is playing nearby, giving you the artist, title, and album. It’s particularly useful when an opening act comes on that you’ve never heard before — it documents all the information needed to look them up later in iTunes.


It’s fast becoming one of the most popular photo apps, and it gives you plenty of ways to edit and process photos with more sophistication than the basic Instagram filters or iPhone tools.