The Importance of Properly Packaging What You Are Selling

Business owners understand that their brand is only as good as the product that they make. There is no amount of marketing and there is no number of gimmicks that can make up for a bad product. However, something that many business owners do not think about is the effect that the way they package their goods determines the impression a customer gets of their goods.

A product’s package should communicate what it’s purpose is. It should transmit what the brand of the company is and what that brand means for consumers. The fact that most businesses do not understand this can be seen in the statistic that 95 percent of new products fail. And here’s the thing, the market is flooded with new products every single day. People just do not have the time to sit and examine and weigh the pros and cons of every single item they might throw into their shopping cart. So they use shortcuts when making their decision. They look at the package and based on the quality of the package they determine whether or not the product inside the package is worth paying for.

Packaging is so powerful because it transmits to your customers how you and the product inside the package is different from your competition. Interestingly, social media sites are full of videos of individuals who are unpacking a product that they purchased. Certain products have been so well packaged that people are ecstatic about opening them.

Good packaging is not just essential for large companies. It is especially important for startup companies because packaging can have a direct impact on whether or not the product they are selling takes off. On the other side of the coin, poor packaging can damage even the most well-known business.

Proof of the importance of packaging can be seen when looking at how changes in the way that cigarettes have been packaged affect whether or not people smoke. In Australia the government required cigarette companies to put graphic images on the outside to deter smoking. As a result, Australia has experienced the biggest decline in smokers than it has seen in two decades.

In addition to what is displayed on the exterior of the packaging, the way that the package is put together is important. More and more companies understand the benefits of using chemical vapor deposition when designing packaging that is going to be both attractive, safe, and durable.