Android Apps

The List of Applications You Must Remove from Android Devices

For those of you who use Android devices would already be familiar with Google’s app store, Google Play Store.

Presents millions of apps and games that can be downloaded for free or paid, naturally when many users are willing to download apps and games to meet device memory.

Not only to make your internal memory or microSD full, various applications and games downloaded also have the potential to make the performance of Android devices more slow.

Uniquely, many apps and games downloaded into the device are only used a few times. Therefore, rather than make the performance of your smartphone or tablet slow, you better uninstall the application.

Instead of length, here is the type of app that should be removed from Android devices.

1. Application Defragmenting Memory

Currently, Android devices are already using NAND flash storage memory that has the ability to work full time to “manage” the data neatly.

Therefore, defragmenting applications that function to rearrange the disk array. In fact, some call this app is able to shorten the disk age.

2. Battery Calibration App

Illustration Android Smartphone, Gadget. Credit: Pexels via Pixabay

Excessive use can indeed result in the battery of your Android device can not stand up all day.

Based on this, it is normal that many users install applications that work to calibrate the battery on Android. In fact, this application is limited to changing the batterystats.bin file in the battery status with a new one to force the system to hold the battery indicator.

3. Boosting RAM Application

Who does not install this category of apps. Surely most of you have or are using an application that is reportedly capable of improving the performance of the device.

In fact, this kind of application did not give any effect. RAM is designed very quickly, and will get better with a new generation of LPDDR4 chips that will be available on the upcoming flagship device.

In addition, RAM on Android is not the same as a computer. So the system on Android has been designed to always be optimal, you just have to choose the application needed and needed, or not.