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The price of the digital portal Mashable reached 350 million USD

Mashable, a digital portal site that was established 10 years ago are now looking for a buyer who wants to disburse the amount of USD 300 to 350 million.

So far, the strongest candidate buyers while still comes from Time Warner Investments with USD 17 million funding round in January. At that time, the value of the digital portal made by Pete Cashmore reached USD 180 million.

Through these prices, Capital New York Mashable predicts that revenue in 2015 is estimated at USD 35 to 40 million. While until November yesterday, Mashable has pocketed visitors amounted to 23 million.

Which makes it special, Mashable 2005. simply a site set up by a 19-year teenager named Pete Cashmore through private funds. But now, the investment value Mashable has increased to USD 31 million.

Meanwhile, according to Capital New York, 2015 to an ‘in consideration’ for the digital portal sites like Mashable. They were given only three occasions, namely growth, death, or purchased.

Not only Mashable, some other digital portals also enliven transactions throughout 2015. They were purchased Verizon AOL, Business Insider purchased Axel Springer, Re / code purchased Vox Media, BuzzFeed, and vice.