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Third-party applications can steal passwords Instagram

Decisions application developers to prohibit its use aid (applications) the third party is certainly not without reason. Call it like WhatsApp that ultimately block WhatsApp+ for security reasons account.

Now, the same reason also began to explore third-party applications for Instagram, InstaAgent. According to chirp an application developer named David LR, the application will silently steal usernames and passwords InstaAgent account users.

Ironically, David also said that if InstaAgent was not just steal account information only. However, also use the account users to upload certain images. Even without the knowledge of the owner of the account.

Meanwhile, InstaAgent itself known as an application that is claimed to show the number of users who have seen its profile. Ironically, the number of downloads of third party applications is even reached 500 thousands.

Fortunately the last of the monitoring team, InstaAgent applications no longer appear on the official page of the App Store. But if you’ve already installed the application InstaAgent, immediately remove these malicious applications for the security of your instagram account.