new smartwatch

This smartwatch Know How Your Stress

Most smartwatch currently has actually been quite interesting because there are offers smart functionality and fitness as well. But what if a smartwatch can also determine the level of stress users?

new smartwatch

Features that are offered by smartwatch called Embrace. In fact, not only can recognize stress level users, smartwatch is also able to predict the level of the body spasms as a result of perceived stress.

Smartwatch Unfortunately this is far from mass production due to Embrace still just registered on the site in order indiegogo fundraiser. Unlike other smartwatch, Embrace not equipped with touch screen operation. So this smartwatch fully rely on sensors embedded in it.

Embrace smartwatch also expected to help users who often stressful for immediate relaxation when the stress level has been in a certain extent. Embrace can be connected to a smartphone, so the user can see the stress level directly on the cell phone screen.

In addition Embrace also has fitness tracker feature. With so users can also use Embrace to accompany exercise, like most other wearable gadgets.

Regarding the price is still uncertain, but as quoted from Digital Trends, Tuesday (12/02/2014), Empatica as creator said smartwatch Embrace is likely to be priced in the range of USD 190 when released later.