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Three Features Amazing in Smartphone

Smartphone is now equipped with various advanced and useful features inherent in it. Call it a camera, navigation devices, instant messaging, and many others. The more time passes, the technology evolved and the smartphone will have many more amazing features in it.

Here are three amazing features that may be present in a smartphone in the near future.


Spectrometer is an instrument that is often used for teaching physics, chemistry, and are also used for research in biology. Spectrometer is used to analyze a chemical objects.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found a way to incorporate technology into smartphones spectrometer. In a smartphone, the spectrometer can give users an easy and accurate way to detect skin condition, track the vital signs of a person or identifying environmental pollutants. It can also give users a way to find out what is in food or medicines they are.

GPS Truly Accurate

GPS features may already commonly found in a smartphone, but the GPS technology developed by the University of Texas is claimed to be different. GPS technology makes it possible to identify the position accurately to within centimeters by using the sensor’s antenna is located in the smartphone.

This GPS technology will be synchronized with the camera on a smartphone so as to map the environment in 3-D format, as well as the increasing sophistication of virtual reality technology. Specifications geolocation in GPS also makes the motorist will not collide with other vehicles on the road.

Gas Sensor

The latest wireless sensor is developed MIT capable of detecting harmful gases, such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, cyclohexanone, and other harmful gases. The gas detection sensor will make the smartphone is able to read and measure chemical explosives or dangerous environmental pollutants. Chemical readings of the smartphone can be combined with geolocation data to track and map out dangerous areas.