Three New Features Apple Results Stolen from Microsoft & Google

As in previous years, Apple uses its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote to announce new features and services for the device. The event which was held some time ago, bringing new innovations Apple.

However, functionality and innovative features for Apple sometimes be old news for some users of Microsoft products and Google. Apple even touted able to adopt some of the features of Google, Microsoft, even himself.

Here are three new features Apple loot from Microsoft and Google.

Public Transit Information: Google Maps

Four new features Apple is stolen from Microsoft and Google first is the Public Transit Information. Google Maps is a leading mapping software, and one of the reasons to keep using the software is Google Maps offers public transit information.

Apple announced the Public Transit Information to support the Apple Maps app a bit problematic.

Multitasking Tablet: Microsoft Surface

9 on iPad iOS demo shows application functions, and functions similar to those in Microsoft Surface. Windows 8 has had the ability that has been announced Apple, especially in Windows 10, allowing opening and merize Windows applications.

Picture in Picture Video

Apple also showed a video picture in picture window for iPad. Such a feature is fairly impressive, but that ability appears to take the concept of the smartphone and tablet Samsung Galaxy Note.