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Tips Accelerating Performance Android Phone

Ability or performance owned smartphone is not always good. Along its use, it will decrease the ability smartphone or slowed.

The slow performance can be seen when the phone is used to perform simple tasks, such as making the transition between applications. Usually this is often experienced by owners of Android-based phones are widely used in the world.

Therefore, Tiptechblog provide a simple way to help speed up your Android mobile device.

Disabling Applications Not Used

Your device has an internal memory limitations and the limitations of space, it will make slow performance. If the phone is filled with photos, music, and applications then it is advisable to empty the capacity by means of uninstalling unused applications or move files to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Clear Application Cache

The data cache can be formed over time in your application, and this affects the performance of the device. Deleting the cache can be done manually through the application menu or by using a free application available on Google Play Store that can automate the process. Some popular cache eraser application can be found in the Google Play Store as Cache Cleaner and Clean Master.

Limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Many people have the benefit widget for Android devices. They stated widget can help to find information quickly without having to open the application. Whereas the use of widgets can drain battery life and slow down the device.

Other features that contribute to slowing down the performance of the device is to use the live wallpaper as a background.

Software Update

It’s important for you to update your device for the latest firmware usually bring security and bug fixes. This serves to improve the overall stability of the device.